Expect the stalemate on immigration reform to continue

I was one of the people that marched for migrant’s rights and I, as were many of the people around me, am a citizen of the U.S. that is tired of the vilification of others. I marched for both undocumented migrants and recent immigrants who feel the rhetoric of the harsh anti-migrant machines.

The raids need to stop and the scapegoating needs to stop. If Americans truly cared about this country they’d have taken to the streets with us to say ‘no more war!’ Migrants are not responsible for the war, our failing economy or high gas prices.

Expect the stalemate on immigration reform to continue – Detroit Free Press

A lot of Americans can’t get their head around the concept of illegal immigrants demanding civil rights from a country whose laws they’ve broken. After all, these are people who have — by virtue of not following the rules to get here, live here, work here — chosen to live outside our system. And now they want to come inside, but only to ask for this and demand that, without admitting they did wrong or acknowledging their responsibility to make it right.

First of all, many of those who marched last week in demonstrations — smaller than in previous years — aren’t illegal immigrants. They’re U.S. citizens and legal residents — including the children of immigrants — who think the immigration debate has been too one-sided. People like Christine Neumann-Ortiz, executive director of Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant rights organization in Milwaukee. As one of the organizers of a May Day march that drew an estimated 30,000 protesters, Neumann-Ortiz told me there is “a lot of enthusiasm and desire for this kind of public expression” in the immigrant community.

I think people are forgetting that this is the United States of American. Pushing for law after law after law is beyond insanity. Why not just tell us what ‘is’ legal? That would make it easier to live here. Why anyone thinks that making something ‘illegal’ does any good is strange.


2 thoughts on “Expect the stalemate on immigration reform to continue”

  1. Wait a minute, let’s separate the issues. Immigration is the life blood of this country. I say this as a second generation American. I recall the stories my grandparents told of sponsorships, the hardships of walking halfway accross Europe to the ship in Hamburg. The rudeness and embarrassment they underwent ot Ellis Island. Yet, they persisted. They knew of no easy way or shortcut.

    The issue, that many people object to is the disregard of our soverign borders and the disrespect of private property by those who would come uninvited.

    There are some very real issues here, not the least of which is the role NAFTA has played in destroying the small farms in Mexico. To allow the unobstructed flow of poor, uneducated and untrained people accross our border in no way addresses the causes of this sad migration.

    These people violate the law of our country. Plain and simple. Amnesty will in now way provide a solution to this international problem.

  2. I appreciate your comments and agree with you on NAFTA. However, there is no Ellis Island for Hispanics, who are indeed the ones vilified by anti-migrant groups. Many Latin American countries are not included in the Visa Lottery.

    I am not an open borders advocate – I simply believe that everyone should be treated with compassion and that tough words and walls will not solve this issue. We need to find the source (which may be NAFTA) and fix it. What I don’t want to see is the vilification of a people who feel they have no alternative.

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