May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

The folks over at Voice of The People USA threw a counter rally on May 1st apparently to counter the idea of people working together in unity. While pro-migrant ralliests chanted “the people united will never be defeated” in favor of unity of all people, VOPUSA gave us their usual anti-“illegal” immigrant speeches which only divide us.

I’ll work on detailing the speeches from that day as this site was started for that purpose. It’s my little niche.

What’s strange about the “under the table” payment rant is the fact that it’s been going on forever, but it’s only when undocumented migrants do it that it’s bad. Though, the truth is they ARE paying taxes. Ed admits then when he states he’s worked with migrants who were using false Social Security numbers. So which is it Ed? Do they work under the table or are they just forced to hide beneath it by your rhetoric?

May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA – Ed Medashefski – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

How’s everybody doing today?

Boy, what a land that we have. Let’s just give it away, huh. If you can see the peg board over here, Dan from Digger’s Realm had spoken about 396 billion. Well let’s add that to it and what do we come up with? We have a problem – all our taxpayer’s money is going south, it’s not going to our pockets.

On Tuesday April 29th in the Standard Speaker there was an unemployment rate in Hazleton of 9.4%, that’s crazy. Luzern county, 6.4%. PA as a whole 5.3%. Hazleton has a problem. I think Mr. Barletta’s on the right track – that’s for darn sure. Mayor Barletta is quoted in the article as saying that the city’s population has grown by 50%. Boy, there’s something wrong here huh. If it increased then where’s the taxes? I pay them. “But the revenue stayed the same.” Well, that mean somebody’s working somewhere and they’re not paying a nickel. We are, because we’re U.S. citizens. We have no choice. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Donna Palermo says the unemployment rate is due to a high elderly population. Boy, I suddenly feel old – how about you? How dare you – we’ve always had elderly in Hazleton. They come here to retire. Look at the Pocono Mountains. They still have decent revenue coming in. That’s because the people they employ pay taxes. Pretty interesting isn’t it?

I might not have a master’s degree, but I’m not stupid either. I know that there’s factories out there – there’s businesses out there that are paying them under false Social Security numbers. We’ve seen it. I’ve worked with them so don’t tell me it isn’t the truth ’cause I know better. I’ve been there.

Another article on CNN talks about all the top student loan companies are running out of money. Well, sorry to say, I’m in college. I want to go back. I had to take a break because my wife got in a serious accident. I’m going for a business. I think I know just a little bit about it. I think I’ve had two of my own businesses. And they’re running out of money, hmm what could that be from? The DREAM Act – they wanted to bring the DREAM Act? Get lost. Since when can’t Americans get what they deserve? We worked – our fathers fought for this country. We deserve the DREAM Act – not these illegal invaders. How dare you?

Are kids today – I have seven children. Seven. All ages. My friend of mine had said to me it’s because of their generation. They only had one or two children – we need the illegals here? Get lost, we’ll show them a workforce they ain’t every seen before – that’s what we’ll do. I can’t say anything more, but this is our day not their day. Everybody here we have the right to stand for the US of A. God bless you all.

Ed’s not the first anti-“illegal” immigrant protester that has complained about paying for school just before letting us know he has many children. Ed has seven children in total and though I’m sure they’re all wonderful and I appreciate all life, maybe Ed should be responsible for himself by realizing that paying for seven college educations was going to require a lot of money. He claims to be upset about the Fanny Mae’s of the world running out of money (and he blames it on people that do not have access to the money), but he fails to understand that his is not the only family and that his seven children make it harder for other families with less children to get financial aid. Truthfully these groups are so mired in selfishness that they do not think of anyone but themselves.

Ed claims having more children is a way to bring about a “workforce they’ve never seen before.” That’s great Ed, maybe your kids should have taken the jobs harvesting tomatoes in your state. You know those $16 an hour jobs that are now gone because the Americans who supposedly had they’re jobs taken didn’t go look in the lost and found. So the owner had to stop growing tomatoes. Great.

Ed, I’m sorry that I support education for ALL people – you’re children included, but that’s just going to be how it is. I’ll continue to support the DREAM Act and I’ll continue to support efforts to ensure your children have good educations too. Education is essential to a better future for everyone.

The problem with America is selfishness – not hard working immigrants.


5 thoughts on “May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA”

  1. “What’s strange about the “under the table” payment rant is the fact that it’s been going on forever, but it’s only when undocumented migrants do it that it’s bad.”

    NO! It’s bad all the time. Always has been. I’ll never condone cheating the tax system, but at least the tax money Americans pocket by working “under the table” stays here and doesn’t go to support a corrupt country south of the border!
    Good for Ed! I hope each of his 7 children have seven children each and each of those seven have seven each! Illegl immigrants are breeding the American out of exhistance!

    Website coming soon:
    Chuck Baldwin is nominated Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party 2008
    “We will close our borders and ports. Illegal immigration STOPS the day we take the White House!
    We will not provide amnesty to anyone. There will be no welfare for illegal immigrants! We will end birthright citizenship! There will be no more anchor babies!”

    “It is absolutely ludicrous to say we are fighting a war on terror half way around the world when we refuse to secure our borders and ports. If I were President, I would immediately seal our borders. I would also see to it that employers in America who knowingly hire illegal aliens are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In plain language: any employer who consciously hires illegal aliens would go to jail. They would not pass Go; they would not collect $200; they would go straight to jail.”

  2. First off Ed admits they aren’t working under the table because he said they’re using false Social Security numbers. Secondly the money goes to support families, not the government and that’s only for those that do send money.

    So it’s ok for Ed’s family to overpopulate the country? Isn’t the overpopulation argument one that Numbers USA gives as to why we should stop immigration altogether?

    You’re right about the Iraq War, but only in the sense that it’s wrong. We’re killing tens of thousands of innocent people all because we put Saddam into power.

    Thanks for Chuck’s message. Since he has the capability to bring finite solutions to problems maybe he can address drugs, murder, spousal abuse and other ills of society that no law has seemed to be able to fix. Sorry, but laws don’t ‘fix’ or stop anything.

  3. Wow! I have rarely seen such persistence in a pro-illegal website. That said, don’t you think you’ve twisted some of the wordsand meanings from Mr. Medashefski’s speech? Raking on someone who homeschools his children for being a burden on the school system is shoddy reporting, at best. Might I suggest you get all the facts before presenting an argument where there is none?

  4. Actually this is a pro-humanitarian pro-just laws and altruistic website. But if that is easily. To say that I’m pro-illegal implies that I’m for all people that break any laws. Not only is that preposterous, but it’s rather irresponsible.

    Maybe Ed’s the one that should get his facts straight before resiting rhetoric that causes one group to hate another. He “knows” people get paid under the table. Newsflash – people have always been paid under the table, but where is Ed’s proof? Maybe he doesn’t need any because the point is not to be right it’s simply to cause resentment. Propaganda is more effective when it’s believable, but it does not have to be truthful.

    What words have I twisted? I transcribed this speech word for word. Compare it to the video and let me know where I made a mistake. I’ll be happy to correct it. If Ed wanted me to know more than he told us all in his speech, well that’s up to him. I’m not a mind reader – I just respond to his speech as it was given.

    I have no issue with Ed homeschooling his children and would certainly like to know where I said that he was a burden on the school system. Why is it my business that he homeschools? He didn’t say it in the speech.

    My point is that Ed cites facts and figures from groups that cry about overpopulation while he himself has an inordinate amount of children. At $40K per child (or more) he’s going to need a lot of money to get them through college. However, I hope they are smart and work hard enough to get scholarships.

    Thanks for stopping by and I would appreciate any further comments or corrections you’d take the time to give.

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