Rene Butts – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

For those that don’t know Voice of the People USA is a Hazleton, PA group whose main focus is on immigration. They have rallied for freedom of speech and their founder, Daniel Smeriglio, has worked to help dogs, but the majority of their face-time is spent vilifying undocumented migrants.

In Rene’s speech she use Obama’s middle name to stir up images of Muslim terrorists and spends quite a while promoting ageism (what happen to respecting our elders?) and putting down the looks of others. All of these things are vital to ensuring we have a better future. In Rene’s world you must have a white non-Muslim name, you must be young and you must be attractive.

Rather than write my comments outside of her speech I’ve just included them in blue text below.

Rene’s Speech:

Renee Butts – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

Thank you Frank. We all know this is an important year, an election year. And of course we’re hear discussing an important issue – illegal immigration. But it seems it hasn’t been discussed much lately with all the hype over the elections. (Which election are you watching? Right there in Hazleton it’s a BIG topic and though it’s died down a bit there are numerous immigration stories in the news every day.) However, this topic should be brought to the forefront during the election. (I think stopping the war is more important, but that’s just my silly opinion) Why aren’t the candidates talking about it? (They are, but just because it’s all VOPUSA thinks about doesn’t mean everyone else has the same views. They didn’t nominate Tancredo.) Probably because they don’t want to share their opinions about it. So, we’re forced to go to their websites. On Hillary Clinton’s website,, she admits that “our immigration system is in crisis.” I think we all agree on that. But next she writes, “The laws we currently have on the books are inadequate and no longer serve our best interest.” Well obviously they’re not serving our best interest because they’re not being enforced. Duh.

Though she preaches border security she also preaches amnesty. According to her website she want “a path to earned legal status for those who are, to those who already here working hard, paying taxes, respecting the law and willing to meet a high bar.” But they’re not respecting the law if they’re here unlawfully. Gee what’d they do when they crossed the darn border? (they made a decision to take care of themselves and their families and felt they had no other choice but to walk over an imaginary line) So why should they have preference over those people that come here the right way? (applause) (I guarantee Rene and few of the other speakers at this rally have any idea about our immigration system or how it works)

Barak Hussein Obama (Thanks for proving what your agenda is by emphasizing “Hussein”. I guess anyone with a Muslim name should not be trusted because they’re all terrorists.) is disturbing as well – downright disturbing actually (Yes, because all dark-skinned men should be feared) According to his website, – notice the ommition of the middle-name there? (Which politician uses their middle name when campaigning? It’s an attempt to make him out as a Muslim terrorist and it’s beyond children. Why didn’t Rene ask about Hillary’s middle name? What about Rene’s middle name? What about her last?)

Alright – here’s a quote. Obama believes we need to do more to promote economic development in Mexico to decrease illegal immigration. When did this become our responsibility. (These people need to spend some time reading about the U.S.’s involvement in countries south of the border and the fact that we’ve always made it our responsibility. For crying out loud we took their land after they invited us to settle on it. Sadly these people live in a fantasy land where the actions of one country are somehow not going to effect another. They say a butterflies wings can change the weather, but I guess an American bullet has no effect at all.) He’ll be siphoning off our hard-earned money to support another country that needs to learn to take care of itself. Of course, I don’t blame you if you didn’t know his position because if you haven’t been to his website and you’ve only been listening to his speeches you notice that he says a lot of pretty words that mean absolutely nothing. (touche)

Probably the people pulling for him are the people who own Chinese restaurants. How do you think he gets his speeches? I can see him now – cracking open a fortune cookie and gluing to a peace of paper and that’s the speech for the day. (What does his “fortune cookie” speeches have to do with people that own Chinese restaurants? Maybe you meant to say the people that make fortune cookies.) (applause) Gee that’s a lot of Moo Goo Gai Pan.

And lastly we have John McCain. We all remember the amnesty he tried to push forth. Or do we? All I want to know is how on Earth did this man get this nomination after he tried to hand our country over to the illegal aliens? (It’s called an election and I know it’s it feels powerful to say someone is handing the country over, but that just isn’t true. Why can’t anti-migrant groups accept the fact that people do not want Tancredo, Romney, and Giuliani’s brand of immigrant bashing? Deal with it.) At least the Democrats are fighting over their candidate.

Then of course we have the local elections. One of our local politicians, Paul Kanjorski, isn’t doing much good besides passing out a colored wire that says we need to do something about the problem and trying to carbon date himself to try and figure out how old he is. (Her attempt to belittle others for a laugh is faulty and disturbing.)

I went to one of those town meetings he was holding and felt a strong urge to jump in the shower as soon as I left. Well you know, it’s very difficult too trying to find space in the room what with Kanjorski’s ego taking up much of the space. It was pretty much a dog and pony show minus cute dogs and ponies because they’d probably be afraid of Kanjorski. Then he pretty much played to the audience a promise to do what he could then whined on how he couldn’t do anything because of George W. Basically the purpose of the whole thing was to blame every problem anyone could conceive of on the presidents. (And your rally is to blame everything anyone can conceive of on migrants.)

My kid’s Gameboy broke. Bush did it! If he thinks his job is useless and cannot take any responsibility for his own actions let’s give it to someone who might do something with it. Anybody have any suggestions on who? (She’s talking about Barletta who blames all his town’s problems on undocumented migrants without being able to give any real proof of this.) Local media isn’t helping much either. Recently the Times Leader printed their opinion on April 25th which is that English only supporters are failing to get the message. Their (can’t make this word out) a sign in several languages from the early 20th century. Uhhh I don’t even know how to respond to such asinine logic. People rode around on horses in the past. There was slavery in the past. There were gladiator battles in the past. People didn’t use soap and wore powdered whigs in the past. (I could write a whole post about how ridiculous here “logic” is. Many of the things she cites – riding horses (happens right there in PA), gladiator battles and slavery) still happen today and obviously there are still many languages spoken around the world. Immigrants coming to the U.S. will certainly struggle to learn the language for a bit so providing them with literature in their native tongue is a courtesy.)Strangely those are all things Kanjorski could tell us about first hand. (I suppose she feels good bashing the elderly. Does she do this to here parents and grandparents too?) Of course the paper neglected to mention anything about the cost of educating people who don’t speak English – the cost of making these signs. (When a community comes together to help one another the costs go down just like it costs less to have a home built by Habitat for Humanity then it would a for profit builder. I know the idea of helping others must be foreign to these people, but in unity we create a better place for everyone and who doesn’t believe that we should all be educated regardless of our native tongue?) The problems that can happen in emergency room if the doctors can’t understand languages besides English. (Is this now a humanitarian approach to migrant bashing?) And what to do to accommodate those people that speak Tagalog, Urdu and Scottish Gaelic. Kamar aha uh anyone? (I can’t argue with the fact that we could not possibly provide teachers that spoke all languages, but the truth is that most people around the world learn English. That’s often overlooked by these crowds because it’s not convenient and it doesn’t look good when so many can speak several languages and they can only speak one.) Gee, with the Times Leader’s phrases of little substance you’d swear they’d covered one too many B Hussein Obama’s speeches. (Again – be afraid of the Muslim terrorist running for president!) Of course there are many who agree with this statement by the Times Leader. WILK’s braying snide morning show Kevin Lynn constantly whines about people who support English as a national language. While most sentient being and normal people (What do animals have to do with normal people and how do they fit into this discourse?) are repulsed by the bile he spews through the airwaves confusing his own opinion with fact and news.

LULAC, the League of Latin American American Citizens (audience boos), which supports the amnesty, I guess we all know, is absolutely gaga over the guy. Seriously, oh yes, go to and enter Kevin Lynn in the search. You’d think you had stumbled into a teenager’s bedroom plastered in posters of their favorite idol. For some reason in all the picks he’s wearing the same red sweater. Appropriately though because red is the color of communism. (Apparently if you’re not a migrant basher then you’re communist. World News Daily ran a story stating the same thing about the May 1st pro-migrant rallies) One can imagine the blushes and giggles as the writer typed of Lynn “His camera presence was amazing. If I were a news director I’d slap a tie on him. Let him keep the sandals. Throw him some copy and put him in an anchor chair.” (I guess we could also think of Renee devising here devious commentary while petting a cat with a mouse caught in it’s mouth an saying “yes my pretty, we’re going to show get them this time.”) Eww, no.

If it weren’t for TV news no one would be able to get their local news in the mornings at all. Is there only one radio station in the Hazleton/Wilkes-Barre area? And what about the internet?) I don’t want the news that badly in the morning that I’ll listen to Kevin Lynn. Usually I’ll pop in something far more intellectual like my old Spice Girls albums. If I can’t stand listening to him I’m guessing many other women feel the same way. Ladies, c’mon ladies here – raise your hands if you like what Kevin Lynn has to say. (Now I guess she wants to create factions between genders. What does Lynn’s attractiveness have to do with anything?) Exactly. And this is why Kevin Lynn is against English as a national language. So he can get a date. (Rene’s attempt to make a fool out of Kevin (who I know nothing about) is childish and trivial. With all the great speech writing books out there this is what we get from the PA anti-migrant crowd – ridiculous dribble poking fun at a person’s age and appearance.) (audience laughs- of course)

Well, thank you for your time everyone. Remember come to our rally on Sunday May 4th in Wilkes-Barre at noon. It will be held in CK parking lot 501 South Main Street. Everybody’s welcome. It’s going to be a great time. And besides the normal fun we have we are going to make a huge announcement (This groups is always going to make a “huge” announcement. It seems to be their shtick.) So God bless everybody and God bless our beautiful country.


13 thoughts on “Rene Butts – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA”

  1. Unless you have evidence that says otherwise La Raza is a group started to assist Hispanics in a country that was once (and still basically is) dominated by whites. Not that this is worrisome if the right people are involved, but both blacks and Hispanics have been oppressed by racism (though it may not always be outright) so they support one another.

    We see groups like this for many minority groups in our society. Attempts to claim they invite Hispanics to take over this country I believe are simply ridiculous.

    The name itself translates directly as “The Race”, but as anyone who has learned a foreign language knows, most things do not translate directly.. That being said La Raze means the people meant to install a community that supports one another.

    Like I said earlier. If you have evidence to the contrary let’s hear it.

  2. Charles,
    Good evening I do hope all is well with you and yours! You can expect a reply e-mail very soon, things have been a little crazy and Andy’s first child is coming into the world in the next 24hrs and it is a stressful time to say the least! Nevertheless, I will not comment on your interpretation of Renee’s speech as I actually tend to agree with you and felt that 90% of what she said was uncalled for. But i do want to make mention to the “Big Announcement” Actually the Wilkes Barre rally held this past sunday had well over 200 people in attendance and the announcement that was made is in regards to the ACLU coming to our defense against the city of Wilkes Barre and has now offered their legal assistance to us if we decide to legally pursue the city for it’s blatant disregard for our constitutional rights. That has been front page news since the announcement was made and I am set to make a decision within the next few days. Obviously it is garnering us some national inquiries due to the fact that the ACLU is offering it’s help to a group like ours even though we don’t see eye to eye on the immigration issue and the fact that they are suing the city and offering us legal representation! Obviously we are getting alot of flack from others on our side of the movement because they see us as selling out if we do that, obviously they cannot understand reaching across the isle and working with someone that they may not usually work with in order to accomplish a common good! If you would like, I will include your blog in the exclusive when we make our decision. Take care and I hope to speak with you again soon.

  3. Well Daniel,

    You need to start standing up to them if you really feel this way. It’s as if you saw me kicking a dog in a You Tube video. It just makes no sense.

    So be brave and stand up for what you believe in.

    When it comes to animals and standing up for our rights I’m with you. When it comes to vilifying people with others that you know to be hateful – that I can’t support.

    When you post about the fight for our rights I’ll post too. Until then I’m transcribing the speeches from your rally.

  4. I do intend to do so also one other thing that I would like to note, Numbers USA and FAIR are two organizations that truly disturb me! I think that any organization that preaches to halt immigration as a whole, does not deserve the right to exist as an entity! Just so you know where I stand on that issue. That in my opinion is complete lunacy and has hateful and un-american intentions embedded in their core. America was buily by immigrants, I just prefer those that enter our country legally_ BOTTOM LINE. Also I sent you an e-mail. Take care sir and be well

  5. Oh okay, a challenge.

    The website cleverly entitled, “” states the definition of La Raza as:
    “The term “La Raza” has its origins in early 20th century Latin American literature and translates into English most closely as “the people,” or, according to some scholars, ‘the Hispanic people of the New World.'” It continues, “Some people have mistranslated “La Raza” to mean “The Race,” implying that it is a term meant to exclude others. In fact, the full term coined by Vasconcelos, “La Raza Cósmica,” meaning the “cosmic people,” was developed to reflect not purity but the mixture inherent in the Hispanic people.”

    But on the same page, the next paragraph in fact, La Raza states that they only support those of Hispanic heritage. So they are basically lying. Look it up yourself, it’s under “Whom does NCLR serve”.

    And this is what the leader of La Raza said about McCain’s handling of illegal immigration: “Murgia praised McCain and looks forward to the “tapering down” of immigration enforcement efforts if he wins the White House: “With his emergence as a leading Republican presidential primary contender, I do think that we’ll see this toned down…”

    And people wonder why us ‘Mercans are tired of illegal immigration. It’s not the immigration part that bothers me, it’s the “illegal” part.

    This is my country, not theirs. They have their own country. If they want to come here, they should do so legally.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. First off to Daniel’s comment. I also appreciate Stews ability to speak on this issue without getting out of hand. He seems like a good guy we just don’t agree on this issue.

    I understand your points on La Raza, but the truth is they are a group to help Hispanics and regardless of how progressive you feel this country is now we still have much to work on in terms of prejudices. So when I see a group formed to help those that suffer prejudice I can’t get mad about it. They’re reacting to a problem. Would you disagree that Hispanics have, and still do, suffer racism and prejudice? This is no different than many organizations meant to help black people with similar issues.

    It’s hard for me, as a white person, to fault a group that has suffered in such a way. Some members of my own family speak ill of Hispanics and as embarrassing as that is I have to admit it. So how can I fault a group working to battle that type of intolerance.

    Truly at the heart of us all we can get along with anyone. The internet is a good example as we’ve never seen each other and we may disagree we know we can get along. If we met in person would some physical feature cause us to dismantle this? Well, sadly when people are seen judgments are made right away about them. So without getting into that issue too much hopefully you can understand my opinion on La Raza.

    I honestly don’t know what they do to deal with inequities in Latin American countries, but I’d hope that was one of their goals as well. Truly Hispanic culture, as are all, is beautiful and it’s sad to see so many Hispanics, in their own countries, suffer under terrible regimes. Even more sad is the fact that our country has helped support many of them.

  7. Charles,

    Very true indeed. Yet again you hit the nail on the head, and I too agree that it is indeed sad that our country does in fact support so many terrible and horrible regimes. Though you may not see it yet, you will see it soon that our group will be working hard to move away from the constant bickering and stereotyping and moving forward with a message of unity and working together in order to curtail the many problems that this country faces. Charles, that is why I deemed it necessary to reply on here rather than to you personally in regards to the issue of pushing unity rather than division. We will in fact prove that over the next few months and will be moving away from the many seperatists in this movement. Take care and we will talk again soon!

  8. Thanks for the comment. Both you and Stew have shown me respect and I appreciate that. Though we may not agree on this, maybe there will be things we can agree on. Sadly, there’s many issues we need to deal with so we’ll certainly find some commonality. Of course, we already have found some.

  9. Charles,
    As I have said in the past, I respect the hell out of you and unlike 99% of the critics out there at least you show respect and put useful and intelligent ideas and/or counterpoints out there! I mean what I say, eventually we will be able to work together more so on this issue as well!

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