Jack Marcazi – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

Jack seems like a sincere guy, but when is comes to immigration I don’t believe he understands what being pro-immigration really means. I also have to question his poking fun at Obama while saying nothing about the other candidates. Basically I can assume he’s decided to speak out against the minority. I think I’m seeing a pattern here. These groups do not recognize the fact that many groups, aside from Hispanics, are here undocumented. Of course, sadly, these are probably the same people that looked at every Middle-Eastern person with disdain after 9/11.
Jack Marcazi – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

Frank Scavo introducing Jack Marcazi:

This is the voice of the people. We have all different viewpoints and it seems that no one is out of order and it’s a common them. It’s a proAmerican theme. It’s a pro-immigration them. It’s an anti-“illegal” immigration them. (There’s a lot the anti-migrants don’t get, but one of the most basic things they fail to understand is that you can hardly be pro-immigration unless you’re advocating for immigrants. These people are in no way advocating for immigrants. What they are doing is making immigrants (yes I’m talking about “legal” immigrants) feel as unwelcome as the undocumented. They’ve made Hispanics out to be the root cause of many evils and hardly recognize the difference between a Hispanic citizen and an “illegal” as they like to say) So once again proving that the pundits are usually wrong and that the people have the voice. (I am the “the people” too and I don’t agree with this rhetoric.)

Frank’s Speech:

Well, thank you all for being here. I know it’s really cold and everyone’s really stuck it out. We appreciate that. It’s a worthy cause right? I mean this is our country that we’re dealing with – that we’re living for – the people are dying for. (No. The people are not dying for this country. The fact that our soldiers are dying is a travesty.)

The thought that someone can just walk into this country illegally – side step hundreds of thousands of people that are waiting to get into this country legally is absolutely wrong. Just like one of our previous speakers said. The legal Mexicans, or people of Hispanic nationality are totally against the illegals coming in. (That’s strange. I thought all Hispanics where planning a reconquista. This is not true. Most migrants understand the plight of other migrants and do not turn their backs on others just because they “got in.” This statement basically implies that if you support undocumented migrants then you’re an “illegal” too. Don’t justify you’re rhetoric by claiming that Hispanic citizens share your viewpoint. The group that spoke at this rally, You Don’t Speak For Me, was started by John Tanton who is featured on my scary quotes page.)

Because it’s creating a bad image for them. It’s jumping in front of people that they know that want to get into this country legally. They took the time and the effort to get here legally and people are jumping in front of them. It’s absolutely wrong. What scares me is the war that we’re in right now and the fact that our borders are wide open. (Damn. I though you were going to say the problem with the war is that it’s abhorred, illegal (that’s how you use that word), and a tragedy.) We have no protection. None. If our borders are wide open what kind of security does that provide for us and our families? This isn’t really where I want to take it, but this is the truth, this is the situation. You know, I was watching some of the – media, obviously and they where showing highlights of the website of the different web sites out there promoting Obama. And there’s a song they’re singing – “Obama, obama” and it just popped into my head – “No Bama, no bama, no bama” So that’s my little thing that I say “no bama, no bama”. (Of course you don’t want a black Muslim terrorist as president – we understand.)

What’s really really strange – and I’m going to keep this brief because it’s cold and we have other people that want to speak. Our country is thinking about funding border protection for Mexico. To help them protect, because Mexico came and said “we need help.” “We need you to give us more money oh great America.” “We need to protect our border – our southern border from Guatemala.” “We have too many Guatemalans coming over illegally.” And guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to help them and we’re going to leave our border wide open. There’s something drastically wrong with this picture. Something terribly wrong with this picture.

We need to exercise our power. We need to vote for the people who are going to protect this country. We need to make our voice heard. We need to get our points across. We need to make a splash and get the truth out there. The truth is that yes we all love this country. We love it for what it is, not for what it’s trying to be turned into. (How would that statement sound if made in the sixties? Well, we’re trying to turn this country into a responsible nation that recognizes the human rights of others and stops creating war, death and mayhem abroad. Won’t you join us?) We need to protect our country and really do the right thing. And with that being said I’m going to turn it back over and thank you for your time. (applause)


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