Ruth Miller – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

Contrary to what this speech claims we, as US citizens are the ones with the power to make this world a better place for people everywhere. We are privileged to have been born in this country and just as we’d expect a wealthy person to give to charity we must help those in need. It is not ok for us to hoard the joys of this world and cast aside all those who wish to share them. Weren’t we all taught as children to share?

These are revolutionary times; all over the globe men are revolting against old systems of exploitation and oppression. The shirtless and barefoot people of the world are rising up as never before. the people that walked in darkness have seen great light… We must move past indecision to action….If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the dark, and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. – April 4, 1967.

It’s apparently beyond anti-“illegal” immigrant groups to feel for anyone but themselves. This speech claims that migrants should stay in their own country and deal with the problems that made them leave. The obvious and twisted irony is that the U.S. was founded because our ancestors wanted to get away from problems in their native countries. Of course this escapes these people because it’s not convenient for their diatribes against migrants.

I understand we have people in this country without permission, but the truth is they are working hard and help this country’s productivity. In this speech we’re told that jobs are going overseas. Well, why not keep them here and have those willing to work them stick around and enjoy good ol’ American prosperity? I know it becomes something to mock for these groups, but farmers are feeling the pinch of losing workers and it’s going to cause big problems if we don’t address it. Americans seems to be caught in a flux of a desire for low prices (businesses always goes to the lowest priced option) and a desire to pay workers a living wage. Surely these anti-“illegal” immigrant protesters care about workers struggles as they did not fight for fair wages prior to being able to link them to undocumented migrants. Companies have been cheating employees forever, but it’s only now that anyone cares – though the concern is an attempt to remove these workers from our country.

Basically I, and others in the pro-migrant movement, am fighting for everyone and I want to see America strong and full of good people while groups such as this are attempting to promote anger and disdain against those seeking a better life.

Her calling what’s happening an “invasion” is a gross misuse of the word. This is no different than these groups claiming migrants “take” jobs. I’d love to know how you can “take” a job. There’s a CEO spot I’ve been eying for a while.

Ruth’s Speech:

Ruth Miller – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

It’s great to see so many people coming all the way to Hazleton on a Thursday night. Initially I was a little bit hesitant, but Hazleton is where the tide turned for this fight, in my opinion. (According to Daniel there were thirty people at this rally. The pro-migrant rally I attended had over a thousand. Since we felt it was important we went just as the people in Hazleton could have to their own anti-migrant rally.) I remember when I heard of Lou Barletta standing up for his little town of Hazleton and though there’s hope. There’s actually hope for this country. He’s an example for every leader in this country. (I hardly think so)
There are more and more of them starting to follow his leadership, his example and it’s the best thing.

Today is a great day to have this rally and be here in Hazleton because every year they have been marching I have thought I want to go out there too and answer them. And until now we have said well, just let them do their thing and you know we’ll have something later. Well I think today’s the day where we need to counter them and say we’re not going to put up with it. How dare you come to our country as a guest – as an uninvited guest and demand anything. Is that what you do with your neighbor? Do you go to your neighbor and say I want food and I want it now because I’m in your house. No I don’t think so.(The people you speak of are demanding human rights not your food. They work and work hard and regardless what you think they cannot receive welfare. Those that marched, including myself, were advocating for human and migrant rights, demanding justice for Sean Bell and showing unity of the working class which includes the people at this Hazleton rally.) I mean this is rude behavior and I’m not going to put up with it and I don’t think you are either.

You know, we keep hearing from the illegals – “well you know, you invited us. You invited us here.” Did anybody here invite them? (audience says “no”) Me either. Ok, who invited them? I’ll tell you who invited them. (a man yells ‘politicians and businesses’ and woman yells ‘Kennedy’) Big businesses invited them here as cheap labor which is really a new form of slavery and as Dan said they’re trying to say oh you know you’re enslaving us you’re oppressing us – we have a struggle. You came here. You paid to come here. You paid a coyote to come here. (And I thought this was about ALL undocumented migrants. Nope – only Hispanics, only Mexicans. Ruth has stated in the past that nobody would care about this issue if it weren’t for the Mexicans) Don’t tell me your oppressed. If you’re oppressed go the hell home. (crowd yells “that’s right”) It’s not the same, it’s not the same at all like slavery. It’s totally different and it’s just very awful that they’re saying it’s the same as slavery – terrible. (You just said it was a new form of slavery so which is it?)

Another point I wanted to make about the businesses saying, crying about “oh well we need them to pick our lettuce. We don’t have anybody to pick our vegetables.” Well if it’s really a shortage of people then how come the wages are going down? Because in this country of capitalism, we, it’s the laws of supply and demand. When the demand goes up the price goes up. So if we’re having a shortage like Bill Gates is saying. We don’t have enough workers well how come the wages are going down by 20% in all of the industries were illegal aliens work like agriculture and meat packing. (Why does Wal-Mart drive out the mom and pop “American” businesses in every town it shows up too?) Obviously that’s the facts don’t lie. There is not shortage they just don’t have enough slaves. (What about the man who stopped growing tomatoes because of no labor? He paid $16 per hour. That’s not going to get you a house in New Jersey, but it sure isn’t slave wages either.)

Another point I want to make is a complaint that we hear from them is it’s our fault because of NAFTA. You know, they can’t live in their own countries so they have to come here. So it’s our fault so we owe it to them. Well, this was signed by your government too. Starving Mexico, we’re starving Guatemala, who also signed NAFTA and start with your government and complain to them first. Don’t come to our country and complain – start with your own. You know. Get some cojones and stand up to your own government. You know, it’s like ridiculous to come to another country and expect them to help other people from foreign governments. It’s just ridiculous.(Isn’t that exactly what our ancestors did? The only difference is that this land has not been “conquered” by western governmental systems yet. We’re the most powerful country in the world and as its citizens we have to help others by also protesting things like NAFTA which truly only serves U.S. businesses. It makes it ok for our companies to open shop in Mexico, a country starved for work, and make slaves, as you said, out of their people. Then we turn around and enjoy the cheap goods. So be responsible as a citizen of the world. Please)

So another point I want to make is La Raza tries to intimidate us and you know other groups that are for illegals like big business. They say we’re racists and their new campaign because they know now the racist thing is not working because you know when it comes from a group called “the race” – you know it’s a little stupid. (Not exactly. If you don’t understand that white people have oppressed other races in this country which is why groups like La Raza exist then I’d put down the microphone and go do some reading. You yourself have called Mexicans users and takers and other say they’re dumb and dirt so La Raza serves to break those stereotypes people like you have fostered. For you to laugh at their accusations of racism is stupid as well. I have proof of your distaste for Mexicans and your belief that they are inherently dirty and unworthy to live in your neighborhood.) So you can’t really point the finger at us for being racists when you come from a racist group. (How are they racist? Where’s the evidence?) So they had to change. Let’s call it “The Wave of Hate Campaign.” So I have a message for Janet Morguia of The National Council of La Raza, it’s not a wave of hate it’s a wave of anger. (Crowd yells “that’s right” and applauds) That’s a different thing all together. And it’s a wave of patriotism and love of our country. You can call it a wave of hate and try to label it, but you’re going to see a bigger and bigger wave of anger I’m telling you what.

And another thing, here’s something, what’s the definition of invasion? (What we’re doing in Iraq where tens of thousands of Iraqis are dead – that’s an invasion.)You know a lot of people don’t’ want to call this an invasion – they say oh you know because it took twenty years, but here’s the definition by the dictionary. It’s “an infringement by intrusion” – that’s one definition. “An entrance as if to take possession or over run. An act or instance of invading or entering as an enemy.” Are they are friends when they come here and take our jobs and live twenty people to a house – I don’t think so. (There’s a huge difference between a ‘friend’ and an ‘enemy’ and everyone that you don’t call friend is not your enemy by default unless you live in a sick and twisted world.) “The incoming or spread of something usually hurtful.” It’s very hurtful to raise or taxes and take all of our social services and make us wait hours in the emergency room, to see our, for our emergencies while they have a runny nose. (Are you mad at the hospital or the migrant. Emergency rooms take the worst cases first.) “An intrusion or an infringement” – I think that fits the definition quite well don’t you? (The U.S. intrudes and infringes on nations all over the world and why don’t you stand up to that? We intruded on nations south of the borders for ages. Personally I don’t define their being here as an intrusion or infringement. I’d suppose that we’d have to be in a unanimous agreement to call it an invasion and most people don’t buy that rhetoric.) So let’s start calling it what it is – it’s an invasion. It’s a slow invasion, but it’s still an invasion. (Man yells “gettin’ faster.”) Yeah it is.

So May Day – a lot of people talked about May Day – today’s May Day. Does anybody know it’s a communist holiday and if you look at all the coverage around the world you see all the hammer and cycle everywhere – everywhere but here. You know they want to call it immigrant rights day because essentially these – the socialists in our country – which there are many, are using the illegal aliens as their human weapon to destroy our country. And they are also exploiting the illegal aliens just like big business and saying ‘oh, we’re for your rights – worker’s rights, the struggle’ – and it’s really what they want to do is take apart our country and make it a socialist country. And there are people running for president who are only too willing to help them. (applause) (This assertion implies that people, such as myself, are too stupid to see the ‘big picture’. This just isn’t the case. We are not asking for the North American Union and we don’t want open borders. The idea is that workers around the world are being oppressed and when it comes to worker’s rights there are no borders. If these groups don’t understand that workers around the world are making our goods and clothing under slave-like conditions then I guess she doesn’t understand economics as she professes to earlier. How can you buy a sweater for $5 if it is made while paying workers a fair wage? Nobody is trying to turn the U.S. into a socialist state, but if you really want to save this country you’d have the war as your focus not immigration.) Let’s call them what they really are.

Mayday is also, the origin of mayday, is it’s a distress signal – a nautical distress signal and it comes from the French word help me. (That’s a convenient linguistic comparison, but we did not name the month May after the world m’aidez. We should call today mayday because our country is screaming help me. (applause)(The world has been screaming ‘help me’ for ages as the U.S. as overthrown democracies and hurt good people all while we sat down to dinner and smiled at our families.)

So our way of life is being attacked from every angle it seems. It’s like government we have invaders, we have people taking everything out of our pockets. You know, taking our jobs and it’s beyond illegal immigration, the problem really, because they’re sending this stuff over seas. I mean every time you turn around they’re sending more jobs somewhere. I mean whose going to buy this stuff at Wal-Mart if nobody has a job. (Your shopping at Wal-Mart has a lot to do with the situation we’re in. Wal-Mart is a terrible company and has been destroying the core of unique mom and pops ever since it was created. But who cares, right? They have falling prices with a big smiley face.) I mean it’s ridiculous so, we’re – we really have to stop and think, ok, what we’re doing is really working. It’s very discouraging sometimes, I know, for all of us because we see so much bad news and we see once again a politician like Christopher Christie saying “it’s not my job. It’s not my job to enforce immigration law.” So we have to reflect on the things that we have done, you know, that defeated amnesty last year. That was us. That was us. That was no politicians. They’re a little bit late to the game. (A woman yell in jese “si se puede” – audience laughs) (of course they laugh – they get to ridicule Hispanics) We defeated the attempt of New York to give out the drivers licenses and we made them backtrack. That’s a huge success. Every day you here of more states that are passing stricter laws and I think it’s a great thing to see states starting to take control because this is, after all, the United States of America. (applause) (Laws don’t solve problems. Finding the reason and confronting it will compassionate solutions does. If laws solved problems we wouldn’t have violent crime and drugs in our country. More laws equals more government and isn’t government what always gets us into trouble?) This is how we were founded. We were not founded by one big federal government. We were a collection of states and we are united – and it’s about time that we see more and more states acting united for this country instead of on their own and having sanctuary cities. So I think that’s a good sign to see the states saying ok federal government you’re not going to do your job, we’re going to do it and that’s the right way to go. And we actually have a little more power there. (applause We’re seeing more 287(g). We’re seeing more and more sheriffs and law enforcement saying ‘we want 287(g)’ – it’s being fought, but that’s a good sign. And we’re seeing more politicians get tough. Sometimes they get tough because they just want to get votes (Didn’t work for the Republicans, did it?) but a lot of them are actually putting something behind that and that’s a good sign. So I think we should reflect on our successes and move forward and keep the energy because a little bit ways to go yet before we’ve won. We have a lot more battles, but we have momentum behind us and let’s not let it die down. So I say to Hazleton God bless you for being the start of everything and God bless the United States of America. (applause)


3 thoughts on “Ruth Miller – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA”

  1. Low turn out could possibly attributed to the fact that most AMERICAN citizens work for a living and pay taxes, unlike “under-the-table illegals! We don’t take the day off to march for rights we didn’t earn.

    Website coming soon:
    “We will close our borders and ports. Illegal immigration STOPS the day we take the White House!
    We will not provide amnesty to anyone. There will be no welfare for illegal immigrants! We will end birthright citizenship! There will be no more anchor babies!”

  2. I took the day off to support immigrants just as people in the PA area could have taken the day off to oppose undocumented immigration.

    The truth is all of these rallies have low turnouts regardless of the day they’re held. Why do you think the anti-migrant Republicans didn’t get the nomination?

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