Dave Medarra – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

First off, if you watch this video I find it repulsive that they have children standing near the podium. The camera person must have agreed because they pan in closer to Dave to move them out of the picture. There’s something crude about PA where it’s ok to have your kids read terrible jokes meant for adults (Our Town Magazine), read terrible things on huge billboards (Casa D’Ice) and become fixtures for your cause at an anti-“illegal” immigration rally. The use of children to forge their propaganda is beyond repulsive. Why can’t children be children? It would be one thing of these kids were listening, but they’re not. They’re just swaying by the podium. It’s just odd and not something I quite understand.

In this speech Dave Medarra reads a letter from congressional candidate Chris Hackett. In this speech we are told that America is great because we are united in the common cause of pushing out undocumented migrants. I’d imagine there are more positive things to be united by, but to this candidate vilifying other human beings is a worthy and positive cause. I can’t wait to see what he wants to do after that’s done.

We’re also asked to reminisce about past immigration. It’s ridiculous to compare the two as he does here because this is not the same world; however, we can compare the fact that immigrants have always been treated with disdain regardless of their legality as residents. In 1790 to be a citizen you had to be white. I’d imagine many of these people wish to go back to that law. I say this in jest, but the idea that you once had to be white to be a citizen (and ‘white’ did not mean light-skinned). Just shows us that a “nation of laws” is a nation that must review it’s laws and ensure they’re just. If everyone screamed “nation of laws” while it was necessary to be white that would still be the law. Of course there were many other horrible laws in this country that followed. Won’t we ever learn?

Dave Medarra – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

Frank’s Introduction:
Our next speaker is Doctor Dave Medarra. The candidate is Chris Hackett for the 10th. If we already know that Congressman Carney has failed to perform – a serious charge, but a charge non-the-less easily proven by his voting record. So I ask now is to listen to Doctor Dave Medarra because this candidate deserves a chance and deserves your support.

Medarra’s speech on behalf of Chris Hackett:

Thank you. I have a message for Barack Obama. I am not a bitter clinger. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe strongly in my religious faith and I love to shoot my guns, but I’m not bitter. (With children waiving flags in front of the podium you are speaking from it’s nice to know that you enjoy a device designed for no other purpose but to kill. Wouldn’t you rather not have to kill anything or have anyone killed by being shot?) I’m happy and proud to be an American and I’m proud to stand before you today and read this statement from Chris Hackett. He’s the Republican candidate for the 10th congressional district. He couldn’t be here today, but he asked me to come and read a statement.

“Dear fellow Americans,

Of the people, by the people, for the people. That is what we stand for and that is why I’m running for congress, to represent the American people.

Discussions about immigration should begin with an acknowledgment of a great immigration tradition. Generations have come to our land seeking freedom and opportunity, worked hard, adapted to our customs and lived the American dream. As the grandson of Irish immigrants I personally share in and benefit from this wonderful immigrant tradition.

The tremendously important difference between the past waves of immigration and much of the current wave, however, is that most previous generations of immigrants came here legally and with full documentation seeking to become Americans and to embrace a uniquely American way of life. (What is the American way of life?)

Today millions arrive illegally without approval and with no way of us knowing where they are here, or what they are doing. (Let me help you find them – they’re at work being productive residents and helping our GDP.) In a nation of laws, not to mention one at war with international terrorism, this is a dangerously unacceptable situation.

The problem has to be addressed at its root source, namely our porous borders with Mexico. Securing our borders is the essential first step. Washington politicians have been talking long about this, but that’s the problem – it’s just talk. We have to have real commitment in terms of border guard personnel, high tech fencing equipment and funding to get the job done. (use Reagan’s “Star Wars” defense system to protect the borders. That’s just about completed, right?)

The next issue is what to do about the millions of illegals already in the country. Here again, the Washington politicians are out of touch. I will oppose any effort to grant amnesty to those who broke the law in order to get here. It’s just wrong to reward law breaking. (Those participating in the Boston Tea Party thought so too.) It sends a signal that encourages even more illegal immigration.

I believe America must remain welcoming to legal immigrants. (What about those people that have no way of becoming “legal” immigrants?)They have been and will continue to be a great source of vitality for our country, but we must put an end to illegal immigration. And this will be a high priority for me in congress. (He claims that Washington is out of touch – which many are – but he fails to recognize that the majority of Americans do not want the war we’re in to continue. That’s the biggest issue in this country, but I’d imaging if asked he’d say “so” like Cheney did.) We can regain control of our borders and restore immigration to the great source of pride it once was.

America’s future is bright because we are united in this common purpose.

God bless you and God bless America.

I’ll never understand how these people can fail to find the humanistic aspect in this issue yet they bring God into the discussion. Do we truly believe that God wants us to cast out all undocumented migrants while we blindly support our government’s tyranny around the world? That’s simply ridiculous.


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