Charles Lyonel Gonyo For Senate – South Dakota

Gonyo is a true-blue nativist. Bill the Butcher would be proud of this man. As with many other nativists Gonyo believes that you’re anti-American if you’re not anti-migrant. The title of patriot is reserved for those that don’t want “them foreigners” to come here.

If all you think about is how undocumented migrants are destroying this country, and you live in South Dakota, then Charles is definitely the guy for you. Apparently he is unaware that we’re involved in a war most Americans don’t want because he’s too busy focusing on undocumented migrants – an issue that was created due to terrible U.S. policy and the effect it has abroad.

There must be a reason that he’s really not reaching out to talk too much. I’d imagine we’ll hear some pretty interesting things once he decides to break his silence.

I suppose it’s not ok for undocumented migrants to come to the U.S., but it’s ok for us to destroy people’s homes and create refugees abroad.

Here are Charles’ goals:

* Read each bill completly before voting.
* Vote “No” on any form of immigrant anmesty.
* Maintenance of a consistantly strong and permanent defense capability & military.
* Constitutional rights of American citizens.
* No federal funds to firms involved in the practice of aiding, or abetting foreign illegal aliens.
* Maintain mutual alliance with Israel, the only true ally of USA in the middle eastern area.
* Federal restrictions on any American currency transfer from within the USA by individuals illegally in the USA.
* Bring to task any entities operating on a tax exempt basis while aiding illegal activities within the USA.
* Investigation of T.I.N. frauds against the American taxpayers with full prosecution against the illegal aliens and the tax people who aid them.
* No federal grants, subsidies etc., no farm subsidies, to firms employing foreign workers or subcontractors employing foreign instead of American citizens.
* Require all federal employees to be bona fide American citizens beginning with ICE and the Southern Border Patrol.

You might want to think a little broader. Immigration is not what’s wrong with the United States.

Gonyo’s Key Issue: Illegal Immigration
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Press & Dakotan

RAPID CITY(AP) – He won’t divulge his age or talk much about what he does for a living. But Republican U.S. Senate candidate Charles Lyonel Gonyo of Trent will say what makes him angry: illegal immigration.

“I’m doing nothing but fighting to save our country from being taken over by illegal aliens,” he said.

Gonyo was the first to gather 2,070 valid petition signatures confirmed by the secretary of state. His petitions were approved March 7, which made him the first GOP Senate hopeful to qualify for the June 3 primary ballot.

“I’ve been spending the last 12 years fighting illegal immigration,” Gonyo said in a telephone interview with the Rapid City Journal last week. “I’ll be the only one (in the campaign) that’s pro-American. Everybody else will be along the lines of open up the borders, bring in all the foreigners.”


3 thoughts on “Charles Lyonel Gonyo For Senate – South Dakota”

  1. I just have to note that I saw Gonyo’s ad last night about six times during a showing of “Good Will Hunting” on TNT. It showed a bulleted list of all the things he’s “for” and all the things he’s “against.”

    In the “for” column:

    “Denfense and Military”

    “Denfense”? How does that get through proofing and put out on TV? And right after that scrolls into view, you hear Gonyo say, “…and I approved this message.”

    Really? I have nothing against the guy, but I do have something against poor spelling.

  2. Thanks for adding this. Judging from the ad and the fact he’s campaigning out of a dingy apartment it doesn’t seem that Charles has a good crew of supporters. He may not be a bad guy, but he’s a bit secretive and has some twisted priorities.

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