Frosty Wooldridge On The Environment – To Save It We Must All Leave

Frosty Wooldridge is a nativist activist and is always willing to blame others (generally migrants) for the ills of society. Based on his article I’d like to ask him to leave this country as one less person will help us save our environment. Frosty, we’d all be very appreciative. And while you’re at it have all those involved in Numbers USA and FAIR go too. That will give us so much more breathing room and we’ll be sure to keep in touch.

Seriously though – Frosty Wooldridge has an agenda and the true purpose of this article is to advocate an end to immigration. So many claim they are pro-“legal” immigrant yet they use people like Frosty as resoures for their blouted figures on crime and population. I suppose that Frosty and his buddies would have us restricted to one child per household like China. Maybe Frosty should give Ed Medashefski, who spoke at the VOPUSA anti-“illegal” immigration rally, and let him know that his seven children are far too many and that he is responsible for damaging our environment.

Why Coloradans Must Save the Cache la Poudre River From Destruction

Frosty Wooldridge
April 22, 2008

Re: “Cache la Poudre “most endangered” Booth/4/17 DP

“Cache la Poudre River added to at risk list” Smith/4/17 RMN

Take action:

The more people we add to Colorado the more we destroy the beauty and majesty of our mountain state. Who benefits from destruction of our wild rivers? What final purpose to such growth? Who wants more lanes added to I-70 when it will not solve the congestion? Who wants to dam more rivers when it won´t solve our water shortages? Who wants more population when it will create more problems?


3 thoughts on “Frosty Wooldridge On The Environment – To Save It We Must All Leave”

  1. In the 1960’s a book was written called The Population Bomb.
    Since then americans have been told that if we don’t control
    the population we will run out of natural resources.
    Water and air polution were such a problem that the govt
    created the EPA in the 1970’s to regulate polution.
    American were also told that they should limit family
    size to 2.4 children to stabalize the population.
    At that rate the population is supposed to remain constant.
    The U.S population has been stabilized except for immigration.
    Most advanced countries have also stabilized their population
    China is trying to achieve negative population growth.
    The idea that it is desirable to stabalize the population
    has been around for 40 years and it is not anti immigrant.
    President Nixon had a study done in the 70’s that said
    it would not be beneficial to the U.S. to continue to increasing
    the population.

  2. Mexico city has a population of 20 million.
    It is supposed to have serious air pollution problems.
    There is also a problem supplying the large population
    with water and processing all the sewage.
    This is what you get if you don’t use common sense
    about population growth.

  3. What do you get when you lose your soul?

    For those that advocate population control I ask you to be the first to make the sacrifice.

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