Carmen Morales – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA

As I transcribe these speeches and come to the portion where they say God bless something or another I hesitate to write God as in the Lord because surely God does not condone this type of behavior. They must be speaking about some other deity.

Carmen is from a group, created by John Tanton of FAIR, which calls themselves You Don’t Speak For Me. Though I understand that there are Hispanics who do not want to support undocumented migrants it is surely easy to see that the very existence of a Hispanic only (wouldn’t the nativists find this prejudiced?) group for this purpose says much about what’s going on from their side of this issue. Why is it necessary for the group to identify itself as Hispanic and how is this different than La Raza. Oh, yes, La Raza helps Hispanics rather than help demonize and vilify them.

If you care to read here speech you should find the many rhetorical problems therein not the least of which is the fact that Lou Dobbs is her hero.

Carmen Morales – Hazleton Immigration Rally – 5/1/08

Carmen Morales’ speech:

Thank you Frank. Here I am again, in Hazleton, the old town and I can’t believe that we’re still fighting this invasion. It’s a shame, a real shame, that our government does nothing to support the American citizens of this country. And I traveled all the way from New Jersey where we have Chris Christie and Governor Corzine, and here I am two hours away just to bring a message to Pennsylvania.

Thank you. My name is Carmen Morales as you all know and to those that do not know me I am a member of an organization of Americans of Hispanic descent and our goal is to send a message to all Americans who love this land that our organization – You Don’t Speak For Me – is fighting hard against illegal immigration. I am here today to let America and the citizens of Hazleton know that illegal aliens do not speak for us. (applause from the audience.)

We do not in any way or form agree with the Mexican invasion. We are American citizens who are of Hispanic descent and from different Latin American countries. Some of us are naturalized U.S. citizens and we do not agree with La Raza or Meca sending a message to America that all Hispanics are pro-illegal. That is not true. (applaus)

It is very important for You Don’t Speak To Me (she flubs) to counteract their message and to let Americans know that these people who are marching do not speak for us. I repeat – illegal immigration is more serious than what some may assume or think. We are facing a political invasion from the country of Mexico who claims that the entire southwestern U.S. belongs to Mexico and they want to take it back without firing a shot, but by simply getting political clout in Washington. This political power, Mexico hopes, will bring about a session of the southwest to Mexico.

(I am not transcribing these speeches in order as this is the first one. In a previous post I complained about the two children positioned in from of the podium as being deplorable. Apparently they were placed there at the beginning of the rally for some odd reason. Maybe these people feel it makes them look better. I don’t know.

At this point in the video someone from the audience attempts to hand one of the girls a sign though the child is focused on something else (probably other children playing in the distance) and doesn’t see the attempt. Eventually the child grabs the sign and holds it up to the camera. The sign gives details, in crude handwriting, of the cost to educate illegal aliens. What about the cost to this child’s psyche as they are forced to participate in a hateful rally while they’d rather be having fun with their peers? You should watch this video to see what I mean.)

In order to achieve this goal the Mexican fifth column (?) operating in the U.S. call themselves Hispanic leader in order to function under the pretext of the civil rights movement. Mexican agents here are desperately trying to make their invasion a racial ethnic issue since Americans are scared of being called racists, bigots, or xenophobes. (Did John Tanton write this speech himself for Carmen to read?)

(Another aside. At this point in the video the two girls positioned at the podium are trying to laugh and giggle – as children do.)

We must emphasize that this is not a race/ethnic issue, but a political issue of one nation invading another sovereign nation. We have great American citizens of American descent who are fighting illegal immigration themselves because they know and are very well informed. Decent Mexican-Americans do not agree with the invasion of Mexico. American citizens of Mexican descent, in particular, and black Americans are suffering the most from the invasion of Mexico.

Wage and work standards have been lowered for them because of illegal alien workers(I thought we had a minimum wage. AS dismal as it is there is a minimum which a worker can legally pay an employee.) and they are discriminated against at work because they speak little or no Spanish. (What?)

What happened to our discriminating (oops), discrimination laws? Why the double standard? (Now two more children have moved up to the podium. I guess a good portion of the 30 people that attended this rally where children.)

What is going on in this country when you cannot ask, in an interview, a Hispanic, “do you speak fluent English?”, but you cannot ask an American – or you can demand that an American speak Spanish or else he will not get the position. What, what is this? I don’t understand it – I’m mind boggling like Lou Dobbs says. (man says “it’s outrageous”)

Alright, um, let me go back to where I was ’cause I get a little carried away. Wage and work standards have been lowered for them because of illegal alien workers and they are discriminated against at work. I already said that. Ok let’s go to the next one. (Where are these workers? Seems like they’d be more vocal and give us their stories. I’m glad to see that the nativists are now on a humanitarian crusade. I thought they were just mean, but I’m starting to understand they want to protect us from the evil migrants.)

Academic standards have been lowered. Mexican culture and loyalty to Mexico is being forced on their children. Meca teaches them to disrespect the American flag and only acknowledge the Mexican flag. Brainwashing school children and turning them into little racists against our country. (She says this with three children standing in front of her. Who’s doing the brainwashing again?) Is everybody listening because this is going to come back later on in the future.

Ladies and gentleman we only have one man out there who is speaking the truth and that is my man Mr. Lou Dobbs. God bless Lou and his entire family for trying to save our country. (Enough said. Is this the same Lou “the truth” Dobbs that claimed there were thousands of cases of leprosy siting false statistics?) Though illegal Hispanics do not want him to speak for they know he speaks the truth and anyone who uncovers their true agenda should be thrown off the air according to them. (And me too.) And you know the “them” I’m speaking about.

Illegal immigration, ladies and gentleman, is not about race, it is not about Latinos or Hispanics. (Was she not present when Carmen spoke earlier about Mexico invading us? Is she schizophrenic?) For I have been here my entire life and I have never been discriminated against. I learned how to speak English, I learned how to work and I assimilated into the American way and I miss that today ’cause I don’t see it. Anyway, let’s go back to…

It is about stolen – illegal immigration is about stolen identities, it is about causing chaos in our Social Security system and too many other crimes to mention. It is about American citizens making sure our laws are enforced to the fullest extent. It is about making sure diseased individuals, or terrorists passing themselves off as Mexicans are not allowed to enter this country. It is about keeping criminal insane murderers and rapists out of this country. It is about their drug infested country trafficking drugs into the United States to destroy our youth. (Blame others for what your children do. Great strategy) That ladies and gentleman is what we are against. (applause)(So surely you’re not against the hard working migrants just looking for a better life. I guess we do agree on something after all.)

As you can see these marches today have no respect for the country. For the country that they snuck into. (I marched and I didn’t sneak into the country no more than I disrespected it. I upheld the long held tradition of protest and speaking my voice. Isn’t THAT the American Way?) Having marches nation wide and having the nerve to demand and compare their marches to the civil rights movement is a joke. (The joke here is Carmen stating that this is not about race yet she continues to speak of those that “snuck in” rather than all undocumented migrants. Many are here legally and simply overstayed visas.) Like Lou Dobbs says, I quote him again, it’s mind boggling, I love that word.

I stand for the rule of law ladies and gentlemen. We, You Don’t Speak For Me, Miguel Cruz and all of us, my husband Joe Perez, Gloria Spencer, Marion Davis. There’s a whole bunch of us – we’re a nationwide organization all over. And Colonel Al Rodriguez of course who’s the founder of You Don’t Speak For Me. We stand for the rule of law, for securing the borders, building the highest possible fence, (applaus) and protecting our American citizens first. America first and thank you, God bless America. (applaus)


2 thoughts on “Carmen Morales – May 1st – Voice of The People Rally – Hazleton, PA”

  1. With each spoken word,boycott or written word that opposes SB1070, someone has been encouraged right now – at this moment to cross illegally. The temperatures are now 100 and above. This person may die an agonizing death. How many have died while attempting to cross illegally. How many have been near death when found?

    With each opposition someone has been encouraged to enter illegally to work. These workers are exploited by working for below minimum wage..and who knows what conditions. Who are they going to complain to? These workers are “invisible”- they do not exist!

    With each opposition the violent Mexican Drug Cartel is encouraged to send another shipment of drugs. Drugs that will be on the streets throughout the United States and our children will have accesss to.

    Many people are complaining about having to show proof of citizenship! Are they not aware that each time we show our citizezenship papers that we are personally discouraging illegal immigration? That each time we show our papers we will be personally saving a life,protecting the welfare of so many, and keeping drugs off our street?

    Is a minor inconvenience too much to ask of any of us?

    Why the silence of the media – after many documentaries have been made that have shown the hardships of illegally crossing, the “exploitation” of illegal workers throughout the United States, and even the violence of the Mexican Drug Cartel – and where the drugs that do manage to make it across our borders wind up? We are aware of the drug abuse throughout our country!

    Should this be made known that another country was doing the very things we are doing – the United States would be rushing to aid!

    Those who are opposing SB1070 are proving to the world that we are indeed a selfish country. We condem other countries for despicable behavior–but we refuse to care about the same behavior that we are practicing here!

    What should we call those who oppose SB1070 but – MURDERERS, EXPLOITER OF HUMAN BEINGS, AND SUPPORTERS OF DRUG ABUSE!

    Shame on US!

    1. You are very wrong. Laws or lack there of do not cause people to do anything – minors still drink and drugs are still very much on use. Our behavior encourages the drug trade that is killing many at the border.

      People seeking a better life simply see the American dream. we have taken from many, imprisoned people based on race and enslaved them too. We have inhereted a nasty history and mistakenly believe laws can justify anything. Not true.

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