SAVE Act will create a huge government data base of all Americans, not just immigrants

This bill is so bad that even some anti-“illegal” immigrant and anti-migrant groups oppose it. Please take the time to do the same.

Understanding that “illegal” immigration is a heated issue the government sees an opportunity to pass legislation that, a the end of the day, will have a negative effect on us all. Do you agree with more bloated government contracts for mega corporations? Do you agree with databases meant to host all your information and keep track of you in the name of your “safety”? Do you agree with your government playing your emotions against you? If you say yes to these things please support the Save Act. If not please click the link to the left and sign the petition. If you don’t agree with my pro-migrant views you can go to the FIRE Coalition’s website and denounce this terrible bill there.

SAVE Act will create a huge government data base of all Americans, not just immigrants

Published:Sunday, May 11, 2008


A new bill being pushed in the U.S. House of Representatives by some misguided Democrats and Republicans, the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act, contains provisions that should give all Americans cause for concern. Rep. Tim Ryan needs to stop this dangerous bill in its tracks.

The SAVE Act would dramatically expand the government’s flawed “E-Verify” program — ensuring that millions of Americans will be denied the ability to work. If passed, every employer in the United States will be required to verify the eligibility to work of every current and prospective employee, including U.S. citizens. In order to do this, the SAVE Act would create a massive government database containing extraordinary amounts of personal information, with no privacy protections, about every person in the U.S.

Gestapo State: HR 4088 – SAVE ACT – What it Really Means!


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