Declare War On Mexico?

Sadly, finding a person with a sick mind and twisted ideas isn’t too hard when you’re dealing with immigration – or more specifically, Hispanic immigrants. From the pro-“legal” immigration sect that sponsors ending immigration to the crowd that yells “go home and fix your own country”, oxymoronic chants and no knowledge of history are simply par for the course.

John Lillpop is no exceptions to this rule as he asked “declare war on Mexico?” This shouldn’t surprise coming from a person who apparently thinks that Christmas, Easter and Halloween are uniquely American holidays as he asks of Cinco De Mayo “When and how did so many otherwise level-headed Americans become obsessed with celebrating a foreign holiday here in God’s country?”

So, though it may be satire, this type of proposal is not something we should be joking just after we’ve destroyed Iraq and killed so many of its citizens. Though I will say that like Iraq the current situation in Mexico is partially our responsibility.

To see how things like this proliferate on the internet here’s a Google search for “Should America Invade Mexico?.”

This article doesn’t seem to be officially published anywhere so here it is on Topix.

WAR!!! on Mexico
Sunday, 11 May 2008
Satire(?)By Lillpop

Given the fact that Mexico has, in effect, declared war on our sovereign nation by sponsoring the invasion of America by as many as 38 million illiterate peasants from Mexico, is it not time for the United States to respond?

My problem with this article is the fact that many anti-immigrant groups would certainly like to invade Mexico and many of these groups’ members are oh so eager to let us know that they have guns and they’re “locked and loaded.” I also find it disturbing how little people seem to value life. We obviously place no value on the lives of Iraqis or we would have forced our government to remove our military by now.

Well, maybe this is satire as this writer believe we can demand Bush do anything:

President Bush should be ordered to use whatever military force might be needed to wrest control of Mexico from Felipe Calderon and other Mexican elitists whose only solution to domestic problems is to illegally export the problems to America.

Next we’re asked to romanticize on how easy it would be to conquer Mexico.

Once the US military has firm control of the nation, a task that should take about four hours, tops, Mexico’s oil production fields and facilities should be seized.

All oil proceeds should be sent to the US treasury as partial compensation for the hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars wasted by giving public services to illegal aliens.

Doesn’t the last paragraph sound like pro-Iraq war talk – using their oil to pay for the war and cheap gas for Americans! Oops! It’s too bad our cars don’t run on blood because we’d be able to get it for pennies a gallon. And with proposals like Lillpop’s we have a continuous supply.

Continuing in this sick proposal we are asked to accept Tancredo as Mexico’s interim president. Apparently imperialism is the best way to make positive changes. Boy, it sure works for us around the world. Just look at how much we helped the country of Zaire by giving Mobutu Sese Seko power.

Apparently having English as the official language of the U.S. isn’t enough. Why recognize the fact that most other countries make it a point to teach their children English or the fact that we’re one of the only industrialized nations that does not require fluency in a second language. So many anti-migrants claim that undocumented Hispanics don’t want to learn English, but the fact is they do learn English and become bi-lingual while our American children often have limited fluency in the supposed “official” language.

Next we are asked to end the creation of Mexican entres as they contain too many terrible ingredients. Though this may be a “joke” truly Mexican food is only this way in the United States. I suppose hamburgers, pizza and fried chicken restaurants are full of healthy cuisine.

*Melanie Morgan should be appointed Director of FDA in Mexico. She should immediately ban the production, sale, export, and consumption of tostadas, burritos, and all other Mexican food because of fat, carbohydrates, sodium and other deadly ingredients.

A big problem with anti-migrants is their failure to see past their own terrible opinions and stereotypes toward a sense of reality. They probably think the items found down the Mexican food isle in their grocery store are a direct translation of the food found in Mexico. Why should they actually recognize the fact that the preservatives and other horrible ingredients were put in these dishes for OUR consumption?

Well, let’s let these anti-migrants wash down their Mexican food with some Minuteman Salsa while they feast on Freedom Fries and Liberty Cabbage. Ridiculousness and irresponsibility are nothing new for these people – I just hope that it doesn’t end in more bloodshed as we all know that one’s true feelings can often be found in the jokes they tell.

Here’s a link to my post on Glenn Beck’s proposal to turn Mexicans into fuel.


4 thoughts on “Declare War On Mexico?”

  1. Yikes!!!

    At least he’s demonstrating how insane the anti-illegal immigration wingnuts can get!

  2. Maybe ya’ll mexicans should sit down and shut the f up. haven’t ya’ll been watching Iraq War? You guys have cheap oil and other national resources. Do you really want our full attention?

  3. First of all I’m a American and secondly it seems like you’re saying that we’re getting cheap oil from Iraq and we’ll do the same to Mexico if they’re not careful. Are you living in the same world as the rest of us? Since the war gas has doubled in price and the signs of it stopping just aren’t there.

    Thanks for the informative comment.

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