Governor stops funding for Arpaio’s immigration crackdowns

What can I say other than “thank you.”

Governor stops funding for Arpaio’s immigration crackdowns– ABC 15
Reported by: Associated Press
Last Update: 8:05 pm

Gov. Janet Napolitano has ordered the state to end an anti-illegal immigration contract with the Maricopa County sheriff so she can pay for a larger effort to track down thousands of felons around Arizona.

The sheriff, Joe Arpaio, on Tuesday criticized the governor’s decision as a maneuver to thwart his efforts against illegal immigrants.


2 thoughts on “Governor stops funding for Arpaio’s immigration crackdowns”

  1. WWJWD…What Would John Wayne Do?

    He would endorse Joe Arpaio and make sure he has all the support and resources he needs to lead the fight against illegal immigration and criminals of all stripes, creeds, colors and race.

    Sheriff Joe is an American treasure and a true American hero in this age of illegal alien hugging, PC and wimpiness.

    GO, SHERIFF JOE, GO…roundup ALL criminals and lawbreakers!!!

  2. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you knowing that living in an alternate reality is par for the course with anti-migrants, but John Wayne was an actor.

    Joe Arpaio is no more John Wayne than Adam Sandler is.

    If Joe were rounding up real criminals and lawbreakers I would have to support him, but instead he’s on a crusade against undocumented migrants. I guess they’re just easier to find than real criminals since they’re always at work.

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