Arizona House fails to override veto on immigration bill – Mohave Daily News

Sounds good to me. Maybe Joe and his buddies can pool all the money they’re getting paid and help fund this initiative themselves since they’re so dedicated to justice and all.

Or I have a better idea; let’s actually believe in this country and that we can continue bringing in immigrants as it’s immigration that created this country in the first place. I suppose that’s not as fun though because it then Joe and his buddies will actually have to go after real criminals and we know they’re scary.

Arizona House fails to override veto on immigration bill – Mohave Daily News
y JACQUES BILLEAUD/Associated Press

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 12:04 AM CDT

PHOENIX – The Arizona House rejected an effort Tuesday to override Gov. Janet Napolitano’s veto of a bill requiring that city and county police agencies have programs to confront federal immigration violations.

The effort fell 10 votes short of what was needed to send the override proposal to the Senate.


4 thoughts on “Arizona House fails to override veto on immigration bill – Mohave Daily News”

  1. Immigration is a federal issue. Wait for them to fix it.

    That’s a good plan! Just tell the states to do nothing! Then you can share all of the illegals that are leaving Arizona, Oklahoma and Georgia. The enablers can learn about drop houses, home invasion robberies, 8 hour waits in the ER and property taxes skyrocketing to provide services to illegal aliens who have no intention of abiding by the law or learning English. You too can have your trade wages locked in at 1985 rates. Face the fact, there are NO after school, summer, or entry level jobs for your teens because the illegals have taken them as careers for $8.00 per hour because they will live 20 to a 3 bedroom house and sponge off the liberal welfare and public benefits system that was designed for citizens in need. Be prepared for the illegals leaving states conducting immigration enforcement to find their way to your state so they can conduct their scams. Good luck with that “nothing will really work” attitude. If you wait for the feds, you’ll all be overrun, taxed to death, poor and a number of you dead.

    Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA) and the Hispanic Caucus are already trying to pass a bill right now in the U.S. House to give out “5 Year Amnesty Visas” to all of the illegals here (and I’m sure there is a loophole in it somewhere that includes dozens of their closest relatives). The pro-illegal politicians who won’t enforce the federal laws are doing this to stop states from enacting their own enforcement laws. Oh, they aren’t telling you about that? What a suprise! Let me guess, they aren’t telling you that they stripped the $1.4 Billion dollar funding from the Secure Fence Act of 2006 and Bush made a back room deal to GIVE the 1.4 BILLION DOLLARS as “foreign aid” to Mexico with NO conditions? Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) slipped in an amendment to the omnibus spending bill in Dec. 2007 that gave DHS Secretary Chertoff the power NOT TO BUILD any part of the fence anywhere he didn’t want to in case funding was ever restored. So we go from a law passed by Congress in 2006 which mandated a double layer 700-mile fence, to no double layer fence to no fence at all anywhere the DHS secretary declares. And we still have people saying immigration is a federal issue and we must wait for the feds to act? The only thing the feds will ever do is to try another massive amnesty plan to legalize all the illegals to get them off the hook for creating the massive problems we face from 20 million plus illegal aliens.

    Aren’t you tired of being deceived and lied to, America? Aren’t you tired of politicians crafting legislation that puts the welfare of illegal aliens ahead of citizens and legal residents of America?

  2. Of course I’m tired of being lied to and deceived, that’s why I started this blog. With all due respect I believe the folks from your side are lying and deceiving the public with bogus facts and rhetoric. You apparently can’t see past your nose the fact that there is suffering around the globe and we have the power to help. Instead you’re on a crusade to demonize and vilify people that are so easily apprehended because they’re always at work. What does that tell you? That they’re all terrible criminals? I think not.

    The problem with the United States does not start with a failure to build a ridiculous fence it starts with our desire to control the world through clandestine operations.

    Aren’t you tired of a government that tells you there are WMDs in a country where we placed the man in power who we claim has them? Aren’t you tired of a government who plays footsie with Osama Bin Laden and then allows him to attack us with the weapons we gave him. Aren’t you tired of a Vice President who tells you “so” when he’s told the American people do not want this war?

    Aren’t you tired of finding villains in migrants while those in power continue to dupe us all into fighting over this issue?

    Don’t you agree that everyone deserves a good life? You do, I do and they do. So how do we make that happen?

    I know the game and sadly these migrants are the pawns. I’m asking that we all get together and oppose this terrible regime (along with all the terrible regimes around the world) and you’re focused on vilifying undocumented immigrants. If you truly want change you’ll stand for human rights not the vilification of people merely responding to a socioeconomic crisis. If you were in their position I’d imagine you’d do the same thing or at least have given it a good thought. You be insane to simply concede hunger and despair because “it’s the law.” Laws don’t mean a thing when they’re unjust. I’d imagine if they made it a law that we all had to wear Arpaio’s pink underwear we’d have to do it because “it’s the law.”

    Migrating to a country for work is not the same as putting a gun to someone’s face and pulling the trigger, but that’s what you’re trying to argue. You’re being duped. So wake up and let’s start opposing the real villains.

  3. About 2 billion people in the world live on 1 dollar a day.
    About 2 billion more live on 2 dollars a day.
    800 million people in the world are always hungry and malnourished.
    10 million people die of starvation every year.
    Poor countries add 86 million poor people to the world population
    every year.
    It took a million years for the population to reach a billion but
    only 200 years to reach 6 billion.
    The U.S. cannot absorb all of the worlds poor people.
    The real solution to Mexican immigration is to fix their
    If all of the illegals were just here to work we wouldn’t have 300000
    of them in our federal prision and we wouldn’t be delivering
    300000 anchor babies free of charge every year.

  4. This does not have to be the case. There are plenty of financial and natural resources – the problem is that so few control the wealth while, as you say, so many live in poverty.

    Why is it that the victims are always blamed for the problem? When will we hold the perpetrators of this insanity accountable? If one person in your community took every available food and resource and horded it into their home what would you do? Well if you were an outsider looking in apparently you’d blame those that had nothing while letting the selfish ‘thief’ off free of accountability.

    It is quite sad that you feel there’s little value to human life. The use of the term anchor baby says it all. How can anyone call a baby an “anchor baby.” Truly that is heartless, sick and twisted.

    If we never find our hearts or our souls we will forever be damned to live in a world with so much suffering.

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