Gayle Harrell – Who Needs Humanitarianism?

As a community provides humanitarian solutions for migrant workers one politician sees a chance to stir up hate for votes.

It’s quite sad to see a politician attempting to make a community look bad for working with its residents and trying to make them out as criminals for their humanitarian deeds. Actually the more I think about it the worse it sits in my mind. Here, on one side, we have people trying to help others and on the other side we have a congressional hopeful trying to make them out as criminals. Very odd.

I thought Republicans were supposed to be for less government, but I’d imagine it will take more laws to make helping others a crime.

The worst irony about Harrell is that she spends time with this terrible crusade while asking us to joy in her family through videos she’s placed on You Tube. Using her grandchildren to pander for votes it escapes Harrell that maybe other people deserve good lives too. Anytime a politician has to use hate and anger to drive constituents to vote on their behalf that’s a problem. Is it beyond these politicians to find caring and fair solutions?

See real people by the light of El Sol – Palm Beach Post

By Dan Moffett
Sunday, May 11, 2008

No community in Florida has done more to reject Americans’ hypocritical approach to immigration than the Americans of Jupiter.

Since the El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center opened 20 months ago, the townspeople have carried on a brave, honest and practical experiment in dealing with a problem almost no one wants to touch.

From this article:

State Rep. Gayle Harrell, R-Port St. Lucie, showed up at El Sol for a photo-op to promote her campaign for the congressional seat held by Democrat Tim Mahoney of Palm Beach Gardens. In perhaps the most flagrant example of political demagoguery this spring, Rep. Harrell sponsored bills in the Legislature that would have closed down El Sol and sanctioned communities that assisted illegal immigrants.


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