Invasion PA From Representative Metcalf

Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler)

Pennsylvania’s Representative Metcalf has taken the time to put together a document titled “Invasion PA” to serve those that wish to vilify undocumented migrants. I wish I could come off more unbiased at first and then ease into my views, but this document starts right off by smacking you in the face with an undeserved image of migrants as invaders.

If you simply keep in mind that we’re talking about people – you know thinking and feeling beings of warm blood that were created by the same God that created us all – then it will help in your trying to feel some empathy. I’m not asking anyone to advocate coming into this country without permission or staying past your allotted time, but I am asking you to think if our system is really fair and to ask yourself if a law makes something right. Are all laws just or are they just laws? What responsibility do we have to the world?

Invasion PA

The cover of this document is rather amateur and is obviously trying to conjure the image of graffiti and gangs. Towards the bottom there is an image of a barbed wire fence apparently to conjure up the border fence. The cover sets the tone for this report which uses every terrible tactic in the book to demonize and vilify migrants. The most favored tactic of these groups is to use 1% of the migrant population who have committed crimes and use them to represent the other 99% of migrants that are hard working residents.

This document right away classifies undocumented migrants as “invaders.”

Regardless of whether an illegal alien commits other additional and intolerable offenses such as stealing jobs that American citizens supposedly won’t do, identity theft, rape, and even murder, they are all criminals warranting punishment to the fullest extent of the law. Let us never forget that every illegal alien’s very first step across the border is a violation of our federal immigration laws, which makes them foreign invaders that deserve immediate deportation, rather than the dignity and respect of being called immigrants.

This report talks to citizens upset about undocumented migrants by demonizing these migrants and making it ok to hate them.

Although this report claims to be an effort to put a human face on the issues around undocumented migrants it certainly does not put a face on the migrants themselves. Rather it fosters the dehumanization of these migrants.

However, in the end, the success of our efforts will depend on the support of individual Pennsylvanians like you. I encourage everyone who wants secure borders and safer communities free of illegal aliens to familiarize themselves with the contents of this special report and to visit and sign the National Security Begins at Home petition today.

This document cites article 4 section 4 of the Constitution stating that the government must protect us from invaders, but do “invaders” move into a country for work? Doesn’t sound like an invader to me.

From the Steel City of Pittsburgh, to the coal City of Hazleton, to the governor’s home city of Philadelphia, increasingly documented incidences of homicide, identity theft, property theft, serious infectious diseases, drug running, gang violence, human trafficking, terrorism and growing cost to taxpayers are just some of the most detrimental “imports” being brought across America’s unsecured borders by illegal aliens.

This is propaganda speak and is not only callous towards human beings but it’s irresponsible for a politician, in office, to be printing.

1. There are now an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 illegal aliens in Pennsylvania.

That’s one heck of a variance.

2. The common belief that illegal aliens enter the country simply to work hard and make a better life for themselves and/or their families is invalid because their illegal entry automatically leads them to commit additional illegal and criminal acts.

This is a senseless comment and is not truthful in any way. Because one crosses a border without permission that does not mean they’ll then become career criminals.

3. In some areas, 12 percent of felonies, 25 percent of burglaries and 34 percent of thefts are committed by illegal aliens.

“In some areas…” What areas?

5. The federal government keeps information on crimes committed by illegal aliens as “classified.”

This one’s interesting as I thought the anti-migrants were asking that all those arrested have their immigration status checked – so if it wasn’t checked previously how could it be kept as classified?

(Most every one of these citations are from District Attorney John M. Morganelli who is an a staunch opponent to “illegal” immigration. Where did he get his information? They probably got most of their information from his testimony titled John M. Morganelli Testifies on “Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws“.)

This document then, in a section titled “Assault, Battery and Attempted Homicide” uses the worst of the migrant crowd to exemplify the whole. I guess then it’s fair to use Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Ghein and John Wayne Gacy to exemplify all U.S. citizens.

“Notable Quotable”
“If our immigration laws had been enforced, September 11th would never have happened. 3,000 American citizens were killed in a single act because the federal government failed to do its constitutionally mandated job. Each and every hijacker was in the country illegally, and probably not a single one of them feared deportation.”
—Walter Adams, Pennsylvania State Director, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, July 18, 2006

This claim is odd because even off the anti-migrant FAIR website we find this isn’t true:
Majed Moqed – Saudi Arabian

* Identity in doubt.
* Entered on tourist visa obtained in Saudi Arabia after May 2001.
* In legal nonimmigrant status at the time of the attack.
* Had a Virginia driver’s license.

The document sites 143 instances of some sort of criminal activity from undocumented migrants. Considering some of the anti-migrant groups claim there are 30 million migrants in this country this would better read as a reason for them to be here.

At the end of the document Metcalf writes:

Confronting the epidemic of illegal immigration head-on in the Keystone State involves shutting off the economic faucets of jobs and public benefits that are luring illegal aliens across the border. Once these initial draws are severed at the source through each of the common sense reforms contained in the National Security Begins at Home package, these illegal alien invaders will have no choice but to go home on their own. Confronting the epidemic of illegal immigration head-on in the Keystone State involves shutting off the economic faucets of jobs and public benefits that are luring illegal aliens across the border. Once these initial draws are severed at the source through each of the common sense reforms contained in the National Security Begins at Home package, these illegal alien invaders will have no choice but to go home on their own.

I guess it’s natural for one to think of themselves first and others second. This is what I see happening in this paragraph. We are “luring” people to us by waving jobs in their faces, but what are they leaving? That is what we have to look at here. If you want to cut off the movement of migrants then you must ask why they leave not why they come here.

Now I understand that it’s easy to say we have no control over what happens in other countries, but this is simply not true. Not only does the world watch the U.S., but the way we interact with other countries financially determines much about what these countries can offer their citizens. The U.S. undoubtedly has influence over most all countries of the world.

Invasion PA: Metcalfe revs the disinformation machine – from the ACLU


3 thoughts on “Invasion PA From Representative Metcalf

  1. I respect the sincerity of this blog post but I disagree with its argument.

    Illegal immigrants coming through the US-Mexico border are an invasion. Their numbers justify the harsh words and tone of the Representative’s “Invasion PA” document. Even if they were all peaceful and productive it is still such a large number that it deserves attention. And I don’t accept the argument that this has been going on for years. It is still wrong.

    A lot of Mexicans come to the USA just to commit crimes. Some Mexican states have an entire smuggler/drug runner subculture. They even sing about it. Mexicans generally have contempt for America. So get rid of your positive image of the hard-working Mexican. They’re not your friends.

    Finally, jobs, homes, and opportunity are precious things. Americans are right to jealously guard these things.

  2. I’d certainly love to see the proof that Mexican people hate Americans. I find that absolutely silly.

    Some parents kill their children so what should we do about that? Stop allowing people to have kids? This false stereotype does not work here.

    if you’d like to give me some fact (and please don’t point me to Lou Dobbs or FAIR) then I’d like to read them.

    Thank you for your courtesy and for stopping by.

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