Tom Tiffany Wants to End Illegal Immigration

Tom Tiffany – the next anti-migrant politician to watch.

I wish his desire to end illegal immigration were based in a humanitarian desire to find the root of the issue and offer real solutions, but like many other disillusioned political hopefuls he feels that vilifying the victim is the best way to deal with the issue.

Now that he’s announced his candidacy he’s stated his first issue will be property taxes and number two on the list is illegal immigration.

Tom Tiffany Wants to End Illegal Immigration
Submitted: 05/14/2008
MERRILL – Tom Tiffany is running against Senator Roger Breske as a 12th District candidate.

Tiffany says if elected he will cap property taxes.

A second initiative will focus on ending illegal immigration.

I can’t believe these politicians, or anyone else for that matter, actually believe what they say.

Tiffany, says, “We are giving tax payer funded benefits to some of those illegals, free child care, health care, food stamps, are going out to illegal aliens and that comes from the tax payer and these illegals we are having to support them.”

Not only are these claims false, but they’re quite irresponsible coming from man that feels he’s qualified to work as a government official.

Tiffany says he will represent the values of northern Wisconsin when it comes to illegal aliens.

I didn’t realize there were “values” associated with “illegal” immigration. The “values” should be in our desire to help others less fortunate. If you ask me this is just semantic pandering using cliche terms of endearment such as “American values.”

In a letter found here Tom claims he’ll wage a positive campaign yet his whole letter is dedicated to knocking down his incumbent opponent. Generally I wouldn’t care, but he’s oh so happy to use the word “illegal” to talk about human beings and that doesn’t say much for his character.

He asks:

Is this what the citizens of this state want?

-Free health care for illegals

-Taxpayer funded abortions

I’ll watch out for more news on Tom.


2 thoughts on “Tom Tiffany Wants to End Illegal Immigration”

  1. I don’t think the issue is that all politicians that take an anti-illegal immigration act are trying to be inhumane. For example, we don’t see anyone seriously pressing to close our borders to all immigration.

    To me it is a question of whether or not all people here are subject to the same laws. Illegal immigration is called illegal because it is against our laws. To not punish these people is akin to saying that our rules only apply to those people that we want them to apply to.

    You can’t inarguably prove that there is no worker fraud going on with illegal immigrants either. If an illegal immigrant uses a stolen identity to get access to government benefits that Mr. Tiffany’s claims become quite true.

    Are all illegal immigrants bad people? Of course not. Some are, but some are decent hardworking people who just want a better life. However, the issue that they broke the law by coming into this country illegally and for that they need to be punished just like any other criminal.

    If my family fell on hard times and I robbed a liquor store to get money to buy food, should I expect to get off without jail time? No, that would be both unfair and unrealistic. So why should illegal immigrants escape judgment and punishment?

  2. Actually we do see people trying to close our borders to all immigration. Both FAIR and Numbers USA have direct connections to congress and they both ask for an end, or severe restriction, to immigration.

    I appreciate your understanding that not all undocumented migrants (actually the great majority) are not bad people. However, likening coming to the United States without permission to robbing a liquor store is inappropriate.

    The idea here is to have compassion for these migrants as that is the first step towards making this country and the world a better place. Sure my argument as issues with legality, but laws do not make justice. On the other side of the argument – against migrants – the issue lies in morality. So what do we follow? Our morals or the law? Haven’t laws been changed before?

    So when I see a candidate trying to base a campaign on vilifying migrants rather than trying to attack the problem with compassion I have a problem. This is no way to run a campaign.

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