Who is having the delusion? – Dream Act Texas

This isn’t about immigration, but it is part of the problem with our current government.

Posted at Dream Act Texas.

Who is having the delusion?

Congratulations to Israel for reaching its 60th year. I am sure the country is proud to have the U.S. President make an official visit and to say in a speech that it is “a delusion to attempt to negotiate with America’s enemies in the Middle East.”

The question is who is delusional? Those who attempt to negotiate? Or those who declare war on false grounds?

If anyone is delusional it’s our president. From playing games with migrants to manipulating countries and calling it “democracy” we are heading down a slippery slope of despair if we don’t pull the reigns on this situation. Strangely Bush conjures up the Hitler reference to speak of negotiating with the Middle East when truly the most Hitler like person alive today is Bush himself. The only difference is he can work incognito with companies like Black Water doing his bidding. As corporations control more of the world’s economy unchecked by the countries that are effected we will see war as less a tool of control and more a tool of fear and terror. It seems to me that Bush and his wealthy friends are trying to play Shiva – first he destroys using tools bought from big business then he rebuilds using those companies and everybody get so nicely paid.


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