Can Super Soldiers Hold A Flower Without Crushing It?

I opened up Yahoo to find the following celebration of technology. Personally I don’t think it’s really much to celebrate.

Some may think it’s “awesome” to see that there may someday be a real Iron Man, but the truth is these suits will be used to destroy rather than to fight some romanticized version of crime.

I don’t know the story of Iron Man, but from what I gather he’s having to fight against people who are using the weapons he created before becoming Iron Man. This is an awful lot like the United States who sell and give weapons to dictators only to then send in our soldiers to “defend” against these weapons. What unfolds is a tragic tail of death which mainly falls on the heads of the innocent. A good way to look at the way war and the military work is to look at a hurricane. Sure it will cause suffering to some people that aren’t very nice people, but it will also cause great suffering to many that do not deserve it.

There is nothing romantic about a suit made to kill. Super heroes, robots and technology are great, but often the real world application ends in a loss of life and a loss of freedom. I can only imagine an out of control police force with super human strength sent out to make us ‘obey’ in this ‘nation of laws.’


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