Immigration agency plans new family detention centers – LA Times

When I was a young fortunate child of the U.S. my fondest memories where of spending summers at the family detention center. We’d all huddle around our little cots playing Monopoly.

If this sounds ridiculous, well, so does the term “family detention center.” What kind of terrible world are we living in where we have to build family detention centers? I’ll tell you what world – it’s a world where mega-corporations have now found a way to make profit out of detaining “families” rather than criminals. Be prepared Mr. and Mrs. Patriot. You’re family is just one law and one mistake away from ending up in one of these places soon. Make no mistake – once they’re built they will ‘find’ customers.

Immigration agency plans new family detention centers – LA Times
The federal ICE, which already runs two such facilities, is taking bids for as many as three more. Critics say detaining families is punitive and unnecessary.
By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 18, 2008
The federal government is accepting bids for up to three new family detention centers that would house as many as 600 men, women and children fighting deportation cases.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a call for proposals last month and set June 16 as the deadline. New facilities are being considered on both coasts and on the Southwestern border. The agency calls for minimum-security residential facilities that would provide a “least restrictive, nonsecure setting” and provide schooling for children, recreational activities and access to religious services.

Family detention has been condemned by human rights groups and immigrant rights organizations as punitive and unnecessary. But immigration authorities said it ensures that immigrants show up for their court hearings and leave the country when ordered deported.

Already the horrors of these centers are being brought to light yet somehow ICE finds it appropriate to defend their effectiveness. I guess torture is effective, but it’s not legal (well, I guess our government will find a way). So effectiveness means nothing when we’re speaking about human rights. People die in these centers, they wait for months at a time for a hearing and they are kept in awful conditions – men, women and children. Think of a jail – now think of a child sitting in it. That’s family detention! Annie eat your heart out.

Keep promoting the dehumanization of others and you’ll find your own humanity slip away. As the humanity leave so does the freedom as we freely give it away. When freedom is taken from others it is taken from us as well as we’re all human beings. One day you’ll wake up and ask ‘where did it all go?’ And you’ll have given it away by advocating it be taken from others.

We already have our government declaring unjust, unlawful wars and spying on it’s people. It’s happening already.


2 thoughts on “Immigration agency plans new family detention centers – LA Times”

  1. What’s worse about these detention centers is that they are just an extension of an industry that profited before on imprisoning young men of color. When growth became stagnant there, they expanded their efforts to migrants.

    Now ICE is justifying spending tens of thousands of dollars more, to incarcerate people that statistically commit less crimes than average U.S. citizens do, rather than give them bail.

  2. I imagine there will always be someone ‘worthy’ of imprisonment. Though it would be nice to think our government attempts to work towards a society where it is unnecessary to incarcerate that’s simply not the case. As long as detention centers and jails are profitable businesses we’ll see the shareholders demanding they be filled.

    I just picked up the book “Prison Profiteers” from the library and hope to learn a little more.

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