Razor Wire on the US/Mexico Border – The Mustache Gets A Twist

(image from droppingknowledge.org)
Razor wire is one of the things I detest through and through. It’s like a viper always waiting to snap at the next victim. This wire has not other purpose but to mangle people. It’s put up as a deterrent, but truly it’s never fully reached it’s true purpose until it’s tasted blood. It’s like a gun or a missile (which I’ve written of before). It’s designed to maim, to mangle and at it’s best to murder. It’s the antithesis of intelligence. It cannot help you, it cannot guide you and it certainly does not want to find a solution to the very thing that it was designed to deter; and truly neither do the people that put it there.

Razor-sharp concertina wire installed at U.S.-Mexico border – LA Times
The U.S. says its use on an eventual 5-mile stretch of existing fence is to protect agents. But critics say it disregards immigrants’ safety.
By Richard Marosi, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 17, 2008

SAN DIEGO — — The U.S. Border Patrol is installing razor-sharp concertina wire atop border fencing between San Diego and Tijuana, marking a major shift in approach along a frequently violent stretch of the frontier.

The triple-strand wire, meant to keep smugglers from attacking agents, will stretch five miles when completed this summer — the longest expanse of this type of wire ever used on the Southwest border.

It’s quite worrisome to me when we have the United States exhibiting the worst immigration ‘customs’ around the world, or at least following the lead of other wealthy countries. In this article we have migrants being mangled and killed by a razor wire fence Spain uses to fortify its borders.

Dying to get to the promised land
By Chris Morris
BBC News, Melilla

Despite their fortifications, Spain’s enclaves remain a tempting target for migrants desperate to reach Europe. The last two weeks have seen mass assaults on the border and many have been injured or even killed while attempting to scale the razor wire fences, as Chris Morris reports from the enclave of Melilla.

You can see them lurking in the shade of the trees – through the foliage, and through the razor wire which marks Europe’s border with Africa. They are waiting for their time, for the chance to reach their promised land.

….and another.

Two migrants die storming Spain-Africa border – iOL
July 04 2006 at 01:30AM

Melilla/Rabat – Two men were killed on Monday in the latest attempt by African migrants to storm Spain’s border fence with Morocco, and at least one of them was likely shot, Spanish and Moroccan officials said.

You can blame the men for trying to scale the fence, but their desire doesn’t go away just because you’ve applied a razor wire fence to the perimeter. Many of us as children have scaled a neighbors fence to retrieve a ball, frisbee or some other object. Imagine if all your neighbors had razor wire fences. Not only would it look terrible, but it would say to everyone – “you try to come in my yard and you’re going to be mangled and killed.”

We will intelligence and compassion prevail? We have the power and ability to effect and promote this. Guns, razor wire fences, bombs and laws do not. Though they may deter some they will never offer a voice that leads to a true conclusion.


2 thoughts on “Razor Wire on the US/Mexico Border – The Mustache Gets A Twist”

  1. I think that complaining about razor wire borders is ridiculous. It’s used as a deterrent to keep crime and illegal immigrants out. Immigrants can choose to live here by actually going through the process of becoming a US citizen. If they want to live here badly enough to mangle themselves crawling over wire, then they should have enough reason to go through the legal process.

    1. Why don’t you write about the border agents shot and killed instead of worrying about immigrants that break the law to come to this country. Maybe you could write about the 25% of the federal prisoners that are illegal immigrants. We should just electrify the fence with 1000 volts pulsing dc. It would knock them back a few feet and save them from having to get a hair cut for awhile. If I saw razor wire their is nothing that could get me to try to pass over it. You act as if putting themselves in mortal danger is the only way into this county. I don’t remember my dad having to climb a fence to come here from Italy. That’s right he came legally.

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