Arpaio Forced To Go After Real Criminals? We Can Only Hope

I suppose the image of Arpaio is held high by some anti-migrant groups because they think he’s some modern day John Wayne. I actually had a comment left on my blog which asked “what would John Wayne do” or, as this commenter wrote, WWJWD?

I don’t know what John Wayne would do. I guess it might have something to do with the fact that I live in reality and John Wayne was an actor who did what the script told him to. So though the anti-“illegal” immigrant crowd may find some romantic similarity between Arpaio and Wayne the fact is they are as different as fantasy and reality.

In this article from ’96 we read that Apraio trained 2,964 posse members while only 21 showed up to help him with a drug bust. (Mutiny At The County) It cost the tax payers a great deal of money to train these people, but they just didn’t want to follow the script and actually show up when they were called for.

I just know discovered this anti-Arpaio blog. Enjoy.

It seems that the sheriff isn’t as forthcoming with his finances as he is his braggadocio in going after migrants. Truly the situation with migrants is perfect for a heartless sheriff who wants to take on the “bad guys.” Because they know where to find these “bad guys” – at work – it’s so easy to round-em-up. Why waste your time going after real criminals when you have such easy prey and with each swipe of the net you can hear cheers from the angry mob?

Let’s look at this quote and see try to put some imagery to it. (source)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio leads raid on Hilton Squaw Peak resort, discovers an undocumented worker changing sheets. After a swift prosecution by Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Hilton hotels lose Arizona business license.

Ok, so the good sheriff busts in the hotel and of all the hundreds of employees he discovers an undocumented migrant changing sheets. Now I don’t know about you, but that image is going to make it hard for me to sleep tonight. Imagine, a sheet changing criminal knocking on your hotel door – I’m surprised that’s not a horror movie already. But really, what is going on here? Shouldn’t the sheriff be going after real criminals?

Here’s a story about one migrant in this great sheriff’s jurisdiction:

Arpaio and Thomas Teach how to Terrorize Migrants
PHOENIX (By Megan Irwin, New Times) December 31, 2007 — Daniela’s world is very small. Though she was born in Mexico and traveled thousands of miles to Phoenix, she might never leave her neighborhood again. As an undocumented immigrant in Maricopa County, it’s just too risky.

And finally here’s a very interesting story which questions Super Joe’s finances. His his get tough on immigration just a get rich scheme?

Sheriff Joe’s Real Estate Game
By John Dougherty
Published on July 01, 2004

How’s this for a get-rich scheme?

You get elected to public office, say, sheriff.

You start scowling like John Wayne and jam the jails full. You put the cons in stripes and house them in surplus Army tents, where four guards oversee 1,800 inmates.
Everything I have written so far about Arpaio’s 12-year run as the Maricopa County sheriff has been documented in countless stories in this newspaper.

Which is why I’m very interested in old man Joe’s extensive real estate holdings. Especially after I discovered he’s got $690,000 in cold, hard cash invested in two small commercial properties in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills.


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