In the Wake of the Postville Raids: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

open thread: what would jesus do at The Sanctuary.

At Vivir LatinoPutting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Week Long Boycott for Sean Bell. Vivir Latino asks if a week long boycott is too much to ask of people. I think it’s asking a lot, but this type of self discipline is necessary if we are to effect change. Sadly money is what speaks to those in power and if we don’t spend it they’ll get the message. So do the best you can and limit your spending as much as possible this week.

Al Ataque: Todos Contra ICE! (Attack: All Against ICE!) at Of América.

Update: Latino community still under siege in Postville and Waterloo, Iowa at Latina Lista.

Video from Postville, Iowa from NIJC Immigration News Blog.

The Business of Detention Centers at Dream Act Texas. Also read After the Postville Raid.

More on Agriprocessor and the Cowards’ War on Immigrants at Wild Chihuahuas.

The Border Fence – Tribes and the Working Class Suffer the Most at Long Island Wins. Also read IR 1105-Looking backward and Guest Blog: Treatment of Immigrant Detainees Contradicts American Values.

Working overtime to learn English at Immigrants in USA Blog. “Another story about how hard immigrants work to learn English, knowing how important it is. DP”

System of Neglect at Immigrant’s List. “Washington Post staff writers Amy Goldstein and Dana Priest wrote a four-part series on the mistreatment of immigrants who are being held in the custody of the United States government.”

Immigrant story of the week (an occasional feature) at Immigration Equality. “Check out a great interview with Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa in this week’s New York Times health section.”

“We´re Mad as Hell…”, Hispanic Caucus Tells Dems to Shape Up! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

In our classifieds section……. NILC Job Opening at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read Where Does Senator McCain Stand Today on Comprehensive Immigration Reform? and More on the Effects of the Postville ICE Raid.

ICE raids are not simply about rounding up undocumented workers. These raids have devasting effects on the social and economic fabric of communities. The raids do nothing to address the real problems of U.S. immigration policy–faciliating the flow of immigrants in the age of globalization and the interrelationships between countries–especially those that border each other.

IPB also provides New Immigration Articles.

A Haitian in U.S. Wins Case Over Forced Labor at Just News.

Check out Mexico Trucker’s new look and read Up in Smoke – 4 tons of drugs and pirated CD’s destroyed by Federal Authorities.


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