Beebe opposes illegal immigration measure – Arkansas News Bureau

It’s good to see a governor not swept up in creating new laws to “deal” with undocumented migrants. As this governor states these laws only create more bureaucracy and more government control. It’s strange to me that so many do not see this. The issue of undocumented migration has allowed states to begin adding new laws to already saturated books of law. While so many scream we’re a “nation of laws” truly one could spend a few minutes outside and watch laws being readily broken by citizens. Maybe it’s because there are too many laws and we, as citizens, don’t even bother to learn them or care to follow them ourselves.

Beebe opposes illegal immigration measure
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK – Gov. Mike Beebe said Monday he opposes a proposed ballot initiative that would make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to receive public benefits in Arkansas.

“While I oppose illegal immigration, I cannot support this initiative,” the governor said in a statement released by his office.

“All of the major provisions it proposes are already covered by federal or state laws, and this ballot title will create bigger government and cost Arkansans money,” the governor said. “Passing this initiative would merely re-state these same laws and add additional bureaucracy to Arkansas in the process.


1 thought on “Beebe opposes illegal immigration measure – Arkansas News Bureau”

  1. Everywhere throughout the country, irrational stated and local laws are being passed that oppose illegal immigrants. This is just wasting time and wasting dollars. I’ve got to admit, I’m more concerned with fraud through supposedly legal immigration. I just read the new book “Legal US Immigration: Truth, Fraud and the American Way” by Adam Edward Rothwell, an immigration lawyer, and I couldn’t believe how much fraud there is in the system. And the book’s website ( ) says it all. I mean, which is worse, illegal immigrants or people who come here legally by filing illegal applications?

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