Migrants Should Not Be Compaired To Criminals

I see time and time again the comparison of migrants to common criminals. This is not only ridiculous, but it’s unfair.

We haver people here that feel there is no other option but to come to the United States to work and provide for their families. On the other side we have a person living in the United States with a myriad of resources available to them who has decided to take a weapon and demand something from another person. Migrants aren’t putting guns to employers heads and they certainly aren’t taking anything. I guarantee if you’ve ever had a gun pointed at your head you wouldn’t be making this ridiculous comparison. Undocumented migrants pose no terror threat to you or your family and we can easily see this in the fact that they’re arrested while working 99% of the time.

So simply put – stop making the comparison that migrants are criminals. They’re not.


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