Students Form FIRE to Beat ICE – A Dream Deferred

Reading about the actions of ICE in the Bay Area truly sickens me. They call this homeland security? While these children already have to worry about real criminals in their neighborhoods now they have to worry about the supposed “good guys” as well.

Students Form FIRE to Beat ICE – A Dream Deferred

ICE has been busy in the Bay Area this month raiding Mexican restaurants, picking up undocumented workers and harassing students outside their schools in Berkeley and Oakland. But their onslaught has not gone unanswered as community activists, students and even politicians have condemned ICE action.

From gathering in the hundreds to protest outside ICE offices in San Francisco to sending out ‘ICE-alerts’ on the NLG Immigrant Committee list-serve to getting pro-bono attorneys for arrestees, the Bay Area Immigration Coalition has taken on the task to challenge the ICE. (click above to read more)


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