An End To The Minutemen?: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

Dream Act Texas has a link to today’s Congressional Hearing on Immigration Enforcement & Reform. Also No Racial Profiling?

NPR does a report on the death of a high school student involving an undocumented youngster. Shawl’s family is now fighting to pass a law in order to question SUSPECTS on their legal status in the United States.

Gilchrist says: “The Party is OVER for the Minutemen! The ANTI Mission is Lost-Forgotten!” at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

One of the most visible groups in the anti-illegal immigration movement could be defunct in seven months, its leader says. “We’ve lost the battle,” said Minuteman project founder Jim Gilchrist. “My intuition tells me … this entire movement will fizzle to nothing by the end of the year.”

When it comes to hateful people you can be sure of one thing – they’ll always be actively engaged in hate. They have no respect for others and their demagoguery will often go right into flat out ridiculing others while sane people would at least sympathize those that are suffering. Michael Weiner is one of the worst.

Anti-immigrant Radio Host Mocks Senator Kennedy’s Cancer Diagnosis at Oregon’s Immigrant Rights Coalition.

Oregon AM Radio Station 750AM KXL airs Michael Savage’s cruel diatribe of Senator Kennedy’s brain cancer diagnosis

Portland, OR- Yesterday, as Oregonians were handing in their ballots and waiting for the Oregon Primary coverage on KXL 750AM, they heard the cruel opening of anti-immigrant talker Michael Savage on Senator Kennedy’s cancer diagnosis. The audio can be heard here.

Immigration as Nonviolent Tactic at Smart Borders.

Americans have long been partial to isolationism. Far too often, we think we are the only country facing certain issues, and therefore we look no further than our own borders for the answers to issues the entire world is facing.
Immigration is no longer limited to the Vikings of 500 years ago, nor is one country outsending all the rest (though government officials would have us think our southern neighbor is invading us with good workers, family-oriented individuals, and bilingual neighborhoods).

Congressional Hearing – ICE raids are reckless and unconstitutionalI am a DREAMer.

“ICE’s immigration raids have been so sweeping that they have ensnared U.S. citizens, including innocent children, in their dragnet,” said Caroline Fredrickson, director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “There are no regulations controlling ICE’s reckless raids, and ICE routinely violates due process while conducting raids.”

New impact studies show American economy will suffer without unskilled immigrant labor at Latina Lista.

Immigration Injustice to Spare at Nation of Immigrators.

The last few days, in so many ways, have laid bare the raw wounds of our frail immigration system.

Why State Violence Displayed in Immigration Raids, Sean Bell Case May Build Black-Latino Unity at Of América.

Just look at those beautiful young people who united for something beyond Benetton. Will the media report that these black and Latino youth were at each other’s throats as they were hauled into the paddy wagon for protesting the violence perpetrated by the criminals who shot Sean Bell 50 times? Look. Look at them and what do you see? What does the press see?

I see how these young people involved in the civil disobedience, marches and other responses to the Sean Bell killing, the immigration raids and the deaths of immigrant detainees are marking a much-needed political and moral response to the very dangerous normalization of official violence on the part of local, state and federal law enforcement officials.

Warning: Blogging May Increase Risk of Death at Para Justicia y Libertad.

Deportation of Classmate sparks Immigration Teach-in at A Dream Deferred.

6-8th graders at St. Bernard School in Wisconsin learned more about the painful side of deportation when one of their classmates–Miriam–was deported to Mexico.

Missed the Benefit? Check it out on YouTube! at DMI Blog. – Watch the videos of the event.

U Visa Webinar at Immigration Prof Blog. “Learn the Latest on the New U Visa for Victims of Certain Crimes Webinar (1.5 MCLE)” Also Proposed H-2B (nonagricultural season or peak load workers) Rule

We live in interesting immigration times! Last week’s ICE raid of immigrant workers at a slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa is getting much critical attention. Well, now, the Bush administration is trying to streamline a temporary worker program to make it easier to bring nonagricultural seasonal or peak load workers to the United States.

Reply to Michael Hethmon – “Worst Kind of Public Waste” at No Borders and No Boundries. Michael seems to be confused on what’s available to DREAMers by law.


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