Frosty Wooldridge – Legalize Drugs

I wanted to take a moment to post on an article outside the subject of immigration because it’s written by a staunch nativist. The point is to show a correlation between the ideas of this particular nativist in all fascists of society. Just as the following article is quite ridiculous so are many of the articles written to vilify migrants. If you are a big fan of Frosty Wooldridge then his article on legalizing drugs might make you change your mind.

There is a strange wind blowing through the fingers of Frosty Wooldridge as he advocates for LEAP in his article titled “WAR ON DRUGS: POST-PROHIBITION WORLD-BETTER, NOT PERFECT”. His typing fingers seem to be chained to a man not only asking for the legalization of drugs, but one that seems infatuated with the idea.

I have to agree that legalizing drugs would have a great effect on the illicit drug trade which causes the suffering of so many people. However, it will not bring about an end to drug use. The cure to ending drug use is similar to the end of migrant demagoguery and abuse. This cure comes from an understanding that we must all work together in compassion. Creating boundaries where those outside our created line are unwelcome or are, by definition, to be feared will do nothing to help us. In this article Frosty desires to remove all officers who have failed to stop drugs and have them begin defending us against terrorism. Though the war on drugs can be proven to be a waste of time as it’s being fought now at least there truly is a drug problem to fight. Terrorism, on the other hand, is not a real threat to the United States, but it’s a good way to keep the people in a state of fear. This is simply a method of control.

Not that I’m the greatest writer, but Frosty’s article is the most difficult to follow terribly written thing I’ve ever read. In it he gives us the more liberal idea of making drugs legal while sticking to the hate and fear tactics so prominent in his anti-migrant tirades.

First let me point out his statement that the legalization of drugs will make drug users “legal” therefore providing them comfort to emerge from the shadows.

Shortly after prohibition ended, tens of thousands of citizens who were addicted to the illegal drugs came out of the shadows and asked for treatment. Without the stigma of being illegal, cocaine and heroin addicts felt free to ask for the help they needed.

Why doesn’t Frosty apply this same logic to undocumented migrants? I’d assume it’s because at the heart of this legalize drugs argument what we’ll find is just another attempt by Frosty to find an enemy he can love to hate. I can’t be sure why Frosty feels that creating false fear is a proactive to defending the United States, but he wouldn’t be the first to take this position. This position seems to be based in the constant need for not only enemies, but also war.

It would drive me nuts to try and go through this whole article, but here’s a little snippet to give you an idea:

“Allstate Insurance recently announced a drop in rates for both car and home. Since property crime dropped by over 50 percent in 2014 and far fewer crashes caused by the drinking driver, claims were way down. Other companies are expected to match or exceed the rate cuts announced by Allstate.

“Drug use and abuse plummeted in 2014, much to the chagrin of those who screamed that legalization would cause the destruction of America. “Smoking weed used to be cool when it was illegal but now, why bother?” quipped a Dallas high school senior.

“Another said, “I used to smoke weed to impress my friends but since legalization, I stopped smoking. Now I mostly drink.” Different, maybe better, certainly not perfect.

In this vision we have a reduction of drunk driving cases yet we have people using alcohol to replace drugs. How does that work? How will the legalization of drugs make them less desirable? If anything, like alcohol, they’ll be plentiful and often used.

Here’s another quote from the article:

“In 2014 the U.S. Coast Guard blasted out of the water a record number of terrorist speedboats attempting to land on US beaches,” Officer Howard Wooldridge said. “CG guns sunk seven boats and sent approximately 50 ‘would-be-terrorists’ to Davy Jone’s Locker.

What you have to admire about Frosty’s view of the future is his fatalist attitude. In Frosty’s view we’re being constantly barraged with terrorist attack boats that would apparently have made it ashore if drugs remained illegal. From his last comment I have to imagine Mr. Wooldridge is a big fan of Johnny Depp.

He certainly finds every avenue to drum up common images of our Muslim enemies (as we know, you must always have an enemy):

“Though the terrorists may be enjoying their 70 virgins in Martyr Heaven, they will have no chance to harm America,”

The article goes on to state that Al Qaeda loses revenue due to the legalization of drugs yet oil is quite legal and the price is rather high. Therefore I’d have to assume that the price for drugs would not necessarily be effected by the fact they’re legal. I wouldn’t assume that the legalization of drugs would have farmers trading corn for poppy which would mean the same growers would profit from a continued use of drugs. I’d like to think that the idea is we’d stop using drugs and therefore drug profiteers would lose their incomes, but in Frosty’s 2014 world of legalized drugs

State and federal treasury officials report that tax revenues on marijuana and Ecstasy have exceeded their projections. Nearly 10 billion dollars flowed into state and federal coffers in 2014.

So it would seem to me that drug use is still quite prevalent in this more perfect world.

I’m trying to go through his article and point out problems with it, but I can’t take it any more. So hopefully you get the point. I dont’ want to link to it, but you can find it in this google search.


4 thoughts on “Frosty Wooldridge – Legalize Drugs”

  1. Symsess missed the title of the piece I, Howard, wrote (not Frosty) : Better not perfect. I spent 18 years in the trenches of the drug war as a cop. How many have you spent?

    Mankind has been using mind-altering, addicting drugs for many centuries. What changed in 1914 was the govt making that behavior criminal.

    Legalization & regulation is the solution to the crime, death, disease, violence and chaos created when drugs are sold from street corners, private homes and dorm rooms. It has nothing to do with drug use/abuse.

    Symsess wrote that ‘terrorists are not a real threat.’ Apparently he slept thru September 11, 2001 & the day the USS Cole suffered a direct hit by terrorists which killed 14 sailors. Al Qaeda bullets are killing US and NATO soldiers every week in Afghanistan.

    If Symsess believes as LEAP does that the Drug War is the most disastrous, dysfunctional, immoral policy since slavery, he should write those thoughts to his member of Congress, Governor and others. Work for candidates who are like minded.

    If you believe this modern prohibition is worth keeping tell your politicians how you feel. Do something which will have an impact.

    Writing a long rebuttal to Frosty, who simply asked me for a vision of a post-prohibition world & using some kind of logic to morph it into a discussion on immigration…well, you lost me on the significance.


  2. I believe I explained the significance. Regardless of who actually wrote it Frosty quite clearly published it with his name. Given Frosty’s constant desire to ridiculously attempt to prove all migrants are diseased ridden evil people I felt this article was very telling of usual offerings.

    If you want to make drugs legal then what we should do is simply remove those officers from duty. Creating a terrorism task force because you or Frosty believe we’re going to have more terrorists hit our shores then waves is a terrible vision of the future.

    You’re right about terrorism. It is a real threat; however, the perpetrator is our own government. Will your terrorism dream team protect us from our own government too? I was on the 30th floor (working my way down from 50) in tower 2 when the plane hit on 9/11 so I’d be dead if I slept through it. That being said I believe our government was in some way responsible. This certainly wouldn’t be the first time such a tactic was used to get us into war. It was to be used against the Cuban government before, but the plan was scrapped.

    Personally I don’t see how Bush can send our troops to die and to kill thousands of Iraqis while we’re to believe he cares about whether you or I die too. So given his lack of concern for our lives he’d just as well I didn’t make it out of that building on 9/11 and he could care less if you had been shot by a drug dealer.

    I applaud your service, but maybe you and Frosty should spend some time figuring out how we’re going to keep drugs from becoming just like alcohol – one of the biggest industries in this country. If you think a drunk driver is impaired wait until the 19 year old on ecstasy takes to the wheel.

    As I mentioned above about Frosty’s work – he generally does not look for a real solution. Legalizing drugs may do a lot of things, but it will not put an end to drugs. I’d even have to argue it wouldn’t do much to those producing them abroad. The tobacco industries have always done quite well – of course until they were taken to court so I’d imagine we’d just see those producing drugs just shift their methods a bit. Certainly they’d still make money. The discovery and existence may create the initial demand, but it’s the demand the creates the supply. When drugs are no longer desired they will no longer be made. So maybe we need to find a way to cut the desire.

    Of course just because drugs have been used for ages doesn’t give merit to their use in today’s world no more than we’d think it was good medicine to drill holes in our head for headache relief. However, if drugs we’re being used for a spiritual purpose, rather than an escape, I guess I could understand. Either way though, you are right about legalization. The current system of supply truly damages many innocent lives and I’d imagine you’ve had friends and colleagues lose their lives in the battle against them. That just shouldn’t be.

    I have some understanding why the war on drugs can never be won. I’d imagine there are many parallels with the war on terror. The first being both are necessary to control a population and the end of either is not good news for the one who has the power.

    Can you explain to me why these officers that were once fighting the war on drugs, but did not win will be successful in a war on terror? Do you really believe the two are any different? Sure, you can cite examples, but I can also cite examples of people killed by drugs yet you seek their legality. Also have you ever considered that we should work to end terrorism with a peaceful offense rather than a violent offense?

  3. […] Frosty Wooldridge (with the help of his father) wrote an article stating we should legalize drugs so that officers could focus on terrorism. In his argument we should decriminalize those people that are currently breaking the law. Well, by that same argument wouldn’t giving legal status to all of these migrants free Homeland Security up to go after real criminals – like these business owners? I believe people who are working productive citizens are far more deserving a pass than those using drugs. These migrants have hurt no one while drug users hurt everyone whose lives are damaged by drug trafficking. In addition there is nothing positive to gain from drug use while working to boost this country’s GDP helps us all. […]

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