Smashing Your Computer To ‘Fix’ It

It’s worrisome how people jog around an issue looking for the little chord that will make it pop and go away. When we talk about immigration they see this little chord as a wall or ‘attrition through enforcement’ yet they don’t bother to look at the full breadth of the issue. Surely they’ll never recognize their ‘targets’ as actual human beings.

I figure, for these anti-migrants, actually looking at the problem with any sense of humanity is too daunting so they just look for the quickest way to vilify and vent. It’s like that comedic, yet scary video where a man is so frustrated with his computer that he bangs his monitor with the keyboard and destroys it. Rather than fixing the computer he finds solace in taking his anger out on it, but in the end he just looks foolish and has a completely irreparable computer. Of course, computers that haven’t been smashed to piece can be fixed, though truly we don’t all know how to fix them.

So should we whack away at the problem of undocumented immigration in the same way? Or should we take time to look at it in a state of mind that allows us to find a true solution? Surely walls and new laws that only blanket unjust laws already in existence are akin to smashing your computer. They’re just knee jerk reactions rather than thoughtful solutions. When it comes to smashing your computer you may enjoy the cathartic act, but in the end you’ve solved nothing other than to destroy a valuable asset.

While a computer can be purchased, if you have the money, a human being is not so easily retrieved from suffering. Raids and terror against migrants are not only un-American but they’re unjust, unfair and just plain cowardly in respect to real thought and solution.

Actually I believe this video is a true analogy displaying the way in which anti-migrants want to deal with immigration.


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