Charles Gonyo’s Senate Office Found at Hog House Blog

(Charles Gonyo’s Campaign Headquarters Found – Hog House Blog.)

This entry I found over at Hog House Blog on Charles Gonyo and his Senate ‘office’ is sadly comical. Apparently Gonyo’s campaign headquarters is a run down apartment and his 15 years of work against illegal immigration was simply his ‘watching the Senate.’ He also claims to have started a few anti-“illegal” immigration groups, but this reporter could find no proof of his claims.

Gonyo is a Senate hopeful in South Dakota whose platform is based on the current anti-immigration craze.

Gonyo for Senate ‘office’ – Hog House Blog

By Denise Ross

When I was in Sioux Falls recently, I made a point to seek out the campaign office of Republican US Senate candidate Charles Gonyo, a mostly unknown figure in South Dakota politics.

According to his campaign finance report filed with the Federal Elections Commission (go to page 18 for the office rent entries), Gonyo had indeed opened up a campaign office. (read more)

Here’s a link to the related article in the Rapid City Weekly News.


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