Lakewood Anti-Immigration Rally – Part II – “Ticket Holders Only”

I can’t believe I missed this one, but that’s what happens when you don’t read the anti-migrant blogs. I used to keep my eye on them, but it was quite disheartening and unproductive.

Well, it looks like the fact that hate breeds hate played itself out in this latest Lakewood rally where Diane Reaves decided it should be a private ticket holders only event. The need to sell tickets to this low turnout even just goes to show the low support anti-migrant ralliests receive. Apparently Reaves thought Nazi’s would show up to her rally, but I can’t imagine why she would think that white supremacists would show up at an anti-migrant (anti-Mexican) event. Maybe Reaves and here buddies should ask themselves why white supremacists support them. That’s called clarity.

Speakers at Lakewood rally protest illegal immigration
By Zach Patberg • TOMS RIVER BUREAU • May 25, 2008

LAKEWOOD — Nearly 70 people showed up Saturday afternoon for the second anti-illegal immigration rally held here in seven months.

As most people started their summer on the boardwalk or in the sand, the crowd at Pine Park had a more weighted agenda: protesting the influx of undocumented workers populating Clifton Avenue and elsewhere across the nation.

But the band and nine speakers under the park’s Clarence Brown Memorial Pavilion found themselves competing with a handful of hecklers with a bullhorn on the other side of the fence.

One of them, Jared Shultz, 29, said he and his companions (some of whom covered their faces with handkerchiefs) had come from Trenton as members of Anti-Racist Action, whose slogan is “Fighting fascism in the streets since 1988.”

Here’s the Meetup post for the rally.


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