ALIPAC and FIRE Coalitions Miller Beer Boycott

ALIPAC and the FIRE Coalition started a boycott against Miller Brewing Company in 2006 for their support of a migrant rights rally in Chicago. I certainly welcome any corrections, but judging by the financials from 2007 their boycott had little to no effect. Their sales since the beginning of the boycott in September of 2006 were only down 0.5% when they reported finances for 2007. Now their stocks did take a big dip during December of last year, but we can see that since then they’ve been rising again. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this boycott is still in effect so what gives? These groups were so proud of themselves, but I’m not seeing the effect.

I’m not a drinker, but I’d imagine the anti’s can throw a few down so it seems that either some of them didn’t follow through with the boycott or their support just isn’t what they think it is. It’s true that Miller’s sales were down, but so were the sales for many other brewers.

We can see from this chart Miller stock holders have enjoyed great returns. We can also see that the stock didn’t take a dive until well over a year after this boycott started. Judging from the graph the boycott seems to have increased sales. We had a big dip in December of last year, but that probably had to do with market conditions and gas prices.:

It doesn’t seem this boycott had much effect on Miller’s stock at all. This is quite odd given their claim of “unity” and their vast amount of supporters. Truly they should’ve been able to do better because you know you’re dealing with a group of big drinkers when you get a comment like the one I found on Michelle Malkin’s blog:

I grew up on Miller – this boycott is going to hurt bad. Took the opportunity and told them so.


(Now in all sincerity I imagine many against immigration and “illegal” immigration don’t drink at all. However, the ferocity of this boycott demands that one believe they all drink Miller Beer as the effort and energy they put into it would make you think they’re boycotting water. So many of those in this group must purchase and consume Miller product or they wouldn’t be able to effectively stage a boycott.)

Maybe someone from on of these “100 groups” can enlighten me on the effects of their boycott. Here we can see they are so proud of themselves for “making history.” Their history making was the fact that they rallied so many groups together in favor of boycotting Miller simply because they gave money to a rally for immigrant rights. So with all the problems we face in this country, along with the myriad of alcohol related issues and tragedies, their biggest achievement is rallying groups together to boycott a company who helped fund a human rights rally. Nice. And congratulations for the fact that David Duke supported you! Apparently my favorite world traveling anti-migrant, Frosty Wooldridge, was more than proud to gloat how this boycott brought so many groups together.

Miller may have given money to help migrants, and those that support them, host a rally, but this isn’t the only way they try to help or spread their profits.

Miller Brewing Company Awards $150,000 in Business Grants – here we see Miller giving money out to ten different businesses to get them started. I’d imagine we can all agree that small business is a good thing since most anti’s are also against the multi-nationals.

ALIPAC and the FIRE Coalition were more than proud of their efforts and even had “phases” to this effort. Here ALIPAC proudly announces “Phase II” of their boycott. There was also a “Phase 3” (what happened to the use of roman numerals guys? Are you boycotting them too?); however, I’m not sure if it was ever realized.

Anti-migrant groups are not the only ones boycotting Miller though. It seems that another rally they sponsored for a street fair in San Francisco used an add depicting The Last Supper, but with sex toys on the table. This angered Catholics and they called for a boycott too. ALIPAC should jump on board with this Catholic group if they want to see their boycott more successful. Or maybe they’ll just take credit for any reduction we might see. Catholic Group Urges Boycott of Miller Brewing Co. Over San Francisco Fair Sponsorship.

For all of you anti’s yelling that the “illegals” are taking all the jobs it looks like Miller is hiring. Here’s their page on Monster.

Just to finish up. I’m not sure how these groups will move forward with their boycott now that Miller may be purchased by another brewery, but it’ll be interesting to see.

Unity through boycotting a brand of beer huh? (and let’s not forget the Absolut boycott) Kind of sad I’ve got to say.


1 thought on “ALIPAC and FIRE Coalitions Miller Beer Boycott”

  1. Another case of nativist posturing meaning absolutely nothing when it comes to putting up or shutting up. They talk a big game, but they lose elections, and they can’t even make a dent on a company.

    I guess they weren’t happy with Miller Chill either, of Mexican inspiration. I’ve gotta say I love Miller Chill, and I’m going to keep drinking it while ALIPAC mounts their boycott.

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