Selfdeport’s (or Saka’s) Beautiful Poetry

I received the following rather odd poem over at Citizen Orange. I wouldn’t sully CO with this absurd and strange poesy so I’ll talk about it here. This poem is what gave me the idea to look into ALIPAC’s Miller Beer boycott so I have to thank the author for that at least.

This poem seems to be coming from someone over at ALIPAC which is quite scary. I’ve found this exact same poem copied and pasted verbatim in various places on the internet. The majority of which are at a UK Financial site for Yahoo in response to the Miller Beer boycott. The user name this person has taken is “selfdeport”. I have to believe this person is rather proud of their talents, but I don’t believe they’ll be appearing in the Atlantic Monthly or New Yorker anytime soon. However, I do encourage them to keep up their efforts.

I also found this posted here as well.

In this lengthy poem we have gloating about the force of ALIPAC and the apparent scoffing at the ability of pro-migrant groups to garner support. Strangely if the claims in this poem were true we’d have Tancredo as the Republican nominee with overwhelming support. Not to mention we’d have the other local anti-“illegal” politicians winning too. However, the truth is they’re not winning.

So I’ll just leave you with the poem and hope that the author will grace us with a response. It seems, given their references in the poem they’ll need to turn off their cartoons first though. Maybe the author of this poem needs to pick up a book and read. Well maybe the author read It, but I imagine they just watched the movie. Who knows.

Bob old man, you have lost it!

Five little trolls sit under the bridge
Wishing they could walk in the sunlight.

They grumble and moan so jealously
but nobody hears on their low voltage website.

They are the biggest fans of the ALIPAC show
And watch and scream day and night.

Like the Stooges, Sylvester, and Wiley Coyote
None of their plans go right.

One thousand posts is a whopping big deal.
Brand X clears that each day.

Now the trolls are really crying
ALIPAC broke five million hits in May!

Three users online at any given time.
Nobody wants to come and stay.

Nobody wants to wallow in troll filth.
These trolls they smell of ass gas, sewage, and decay.

These trolls were flushed into the ALIPAC sewer
Now they hope something will trickle down.

But all they get is a little refuse
And a monster named Pennywise the clown.

(link to image was included here, but I’ve removed it)

Poor old Bob and his elaborate lies and plans.
Finds himself defeated on every single front.

No longer the champion of the Reconquistas
Everyone is well aware of his weak and failed stunt!

And Tony Balooney held a fundraiser
He could not even raise 75 dollars.

You think that he would get the hint
that nobody supports him or his four followers.

These trolls need a clue, these trolls need a mirror
These trolls need some wigs and lipstick!

For those few that peek beneath the bridge can see
These trolls are evil and pathetic.


If indeed I am standing in the sewer with Pennywise then the clown represents ALIPAC itself. As a monster who takes on our worst fears this demon represents for me the need of one group to treat another as sub-human and demand they suffer a life of terror because of “the law.” Pennywise is a manifestation of all things evil in this country. These evil things are always lurking, but hide behind “righteousness”, “patriotism” and “the law.” This “patriotic” desire to follow the law fails to take into account whether the law is just which is truly an irresponsible way to look at things.


2 thoughts on “Selfdeport’s (or Saka’s) Beautiful Poetry”

  1. I think American Humanity was definitely the place to out this poem. To think these nativists have the time to write poetry like this. I hope you flush out a response, symsess.

  2. “Saka” also posted disgusting Nazi posts comparing Nazis to cockroaches, etc. over at ALIPAC.US which William Gheen then tried to false attribute to ALIPAC.NET, but none of us at ALIPAC.NET post at ALIPAC.US.

    Anyone at ALIPAC.US who disagrees with Gheen is quickly banned, so “Saka” is obviously a ‘false flag’ operation intended to discredit critics. If you don’t believe me, register at ALIPAC.US and write something positive about immigrants, against xenophobia, against Gheen and see how long before you are banned.

    There were also posts at ALIPAC.US claiming my wife was an undocumented immigrant, which Gheen refused to remove even after I advised him my wife is and always has been a LEGAL immigrant. That thread finally was removed, but not until after many months.

    There was also a nasty letter writing campaign to my former employer to get me fired, which did not succeed.

    ALIPAC.US will stop at nothing including outright slander and libel to discredit their critics. They are one nasty bunch of trolls!

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