Valedictorian To Be Deported

If they’re not stealing jobs they’re stealing top honors at our high schools. What will these unruly migrants do next? I guess we just don’t want “the best and the brightest” (as I often here nativists croon) here after all.

Bullard High valedictorian to be deported
Vanessa Colón
The Fresno Bee

Arthur Mkoyan’s 4.0 grade-point average has made him a valedictorian at Bullard High School in Fresno and qualified him to enter one of the state’s top universities.

But while his classmates look forward to dorm food and college courses this fall, Arthur Mkoyan may not make it.

He is being deported.

Arthur, 17, and his mother have been ordered out of the country. By late June, they may be headed to Armenia.


7 thoughts on “Valedictorian To Be Deported”

  1. Right, they’re “stealing” “our” honors (instead of working for the good grades). So you’re saying if white kids don’t want to WORK for “their” honors, then the latino kids who DO WANT TO WORK for the grades shouldn’t get them. Well, if that’s not a 1900’s non-educated redneck for you. Not to mention quite immature: “if I’m not going to work for it, then you shouldn’t get awarded for working for it.” Hmm, isn’t that the same for jobs??

  2. Latinos, blacks, europeans, middle easterns…it’s ridiculous that you have to be caucasian to be worth it.

  3. I think you missed my sarcasm. This is a pro-migrant website and I’m not happy to read this story.

    This story goes to show that all people are valuable and those that work hard should be given a chance. We should all support the DREAM Act.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. what the media is not telling us is what are the parents situation? are they working?, paying taxes?, contributing in any way to society? there has to be some reason why they would be denied.Then it would be easier to understand the situation.What I would rather see is the U.S. concentrate their efforts on “legal” and illegal immigrants that are committing crimes and deporting them(i do not want to support them in jail), e.g: the U.S. pays Micronesian Immigrants(and their country) to come here and give them free medical care and schooling and welfare and some of these people come here and commit crimes and don’t make any effort in school or in the workplace, they always claim it’s the language barrier, they should kicked out and sent back. This student made the effort to learn a new language to try to better himself, so unless his parent(s) are criminals and leeches like some of these “legal” and illegal immigrants I would let him stay, he has “earned” that right.

  5. The parents are upstanding citizens. They have never asked for public assistance and instead have worked very hard for what they have. The mother went to nursing school and graduated to better provide for her family. The father has held a steady job. The entire family has volunteered many hours with my non-profit organization. They have never had any tickets or been arrested. They came here legally to escape persecution. I don’t know why there were denied but am very upset that they were. As soon as Arthur enters Armenia he will be forced to serve in the Army because they have mandatory service for male children. It is too late for him to enter college in the fall and Armenia does not have many opportunities for people to succeed.

  6. I’ve taught many students overseas in developing countries who have to jump through immigration hoops and pay steep foreign student fees to come here legally. I have to have anyone explain to me why people who break the law or jump the line should be rewarded for it while my students who follow the rules face long waits–if they ever make it.

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