Donald Cresitello Defeated in NJ Primary

Cresitello was another politician who loved to stir up anti-migrant sentiment. From rallying to implement 287(g) in Morristown to believing men wouldn’t ride bikes in Morristown because they’d mess up their $1K suites this man is a bit out of touch. He is not as vehement as others, but I believe this is simply due to a lack of ability and support. Given his druthers he’d have police pulling over anyone leaving a day laborer site and checking them for citizenship status. It’s already bad enough in Morristown with the Shiva act he’s pulling now.

So thankfully it’s just another anti-migrant politician who didn’t win – not even close.

In this article the good mayor laments over his loss. Cresitello stated Lautenberg should not run because he might die while in office, but judging from the mayor’s diet, in this picture, I think he’s the one that needs to be thinking about his health.

Mayor C: The press never gave me a chance –
June 4, 2008

With just 6 percent of the vote, Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello didn’t come close to unseating Sen. Frank Lautenberg in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. But the mayor said his third-place numbers weren’t too bad–considering he spent only $40,000 and largely was ignored by the media.

“I think I showed the people of New Jersey I’m a serious candidate,” the mayor said Tuesday night, watching televised results in a spartan Atno Street office owned by Councilman James Smith. So is the mayor setting his sights on next year’s gubernatorial race? “We can’t comment on that right now,” he said.

Cresitello’s campaign must offer a chockful – Daily Record
May 7, 2008

Cresitello’s opposition to illegal immigration — an odd stance for a Democrat — has won him attention far beyond Morristown. After U.S. Attorney Chris Christie recently criticized him for “grandstanding,” Cresitello popped up on New Jersey radio station 101.5, a popular spot for right wing rants, and was also interviewed on television by Lou Dobbs, an anti-illegal immigration fireball.


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