Immigration debate grows from Web roots – Chicago Tribune

Our voice is being heard more and more. I appreciate all those that support migrants in this effort. It’s time to build a positive world and that starts here. Open up your hearts to those in need. This includes all people – even you.

Immigration debate grows from Web roots – Chicago Tribune
By Antonio Olivo | Tribune reporter
June 4, 2008

Minutes after word broke about a Nickelodeon TV special on children affected by Immigration raids, messages like “What part of illegal don’t you understand!?!” and “Deport them all!” bombarded Web sites and blogs.

While ALIPAC has 14 people that are paid to go around and comment on blogs and news articles we do what we do out of love and are paid nothing to do it. The goal here is to support migrants and human rights around the world.

“You look at these blogs and there’s some horrendous stuff going back and forth,” Gheen said, emphasizing that his staff of 14 moderates language on the ALI-PAC site. “You’ve got [militant Latinos] posting ‘Kill all whites’ and you’ve got white nationals over there posting ‘Kill all browns.’ It’s out of control. It’s crazy.”


5 thoughts on “Immigration debate grows from Web roots – Chicago Tribune”

  1. Right, while the article does let Alipac go scot-free, it does let us know about their organization–14 paid people to disseminate myths–comment spam to make their side look big in numbers and compelling. I just wish Antonio had taken the time to scout the diversity of pro-migrant voices and what drives us to blog. With an increasing amount of youth joining the movement–educated youth that are very invested in policies like DREAM and CIR–Alipac with 80 year old internet fighter pilots (it is truly a war against immigrants, even on the web) don’t really stand a chance in the long run.

  2. Prerna,

    You’re absolutely right and I appreciate your stopping by. You’re a great voice in this movement and it’s an honor to know we’re on the same side.

    Keep up the fight!

  3. Hi Symses,

    Thanks for sharing this great article about the incoherent , pathetics and anti Immigrants tactics used by William Gheen (Alipac) and their members.
    There are many sides and blogs paying by Willian Gheen and Minuteman Groups to attack, and change the view of Hispanics, Latinos in America to our Society..
    Specially racist comments coming from educated (??) people. It’s sad and Ashamed.
    This is our new America or the RENAISSANCE of the new K.K.K.

  4. Hello Michael,

    Thanks for stopping by. I first read about the article at Citizen Orange and hope that it indicates we’re making progress. The majority of us are blogging independently which is why I hope the Sanctuarysphere posts help tie us all together.

    I really enjoy your blog and you definitely never let me down with great posts to add to he sanctuarysphere each day. Thanks.

  5. Hi Symsess,

    We do making a progress more than what you think but we need to Unify our forces to become more stronger.
    By the way I do appreciate your input and this fight i won’t stop until I die.
    Out there is too much repressions, persecutions, diminished, Unhumane treatment for those who’s do not have a voice and vote.
    It’s pathetic tand ashamed hat we surpassed our humane side for profit, hate mongery, racism and fear of others.
    Do not hesitate to send me a message. We will overcome and get the message across our society but we need to unify.

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