ALIPAC’s Internet Fighter Pilots: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

Goggled and armed with the best cut and paste comments nativist irrational and unsympathetic thought can muster the ALIPAC internet fighter pilots barrel roll through blogs and articles leaving baseless comments along with the scent of glue. The only thing more explosive than ALIPAC’s angry online warriors are the battles happening between the nativist camps. So when you venture out to defend migrants watch out for the “nation of laws” bombs and the “what part of illegal don’t you understand” bunker busters. Get in your truth tanks and let’s get moving!

At No Borders and Binaries read Anti-migrant blogosphere (ALIPAC) fueled by 80-year-olds financed by undocumented migrants!

Watch Detained Immigrants Coerced to Sign Away Their Rights at A Dream Deferred. Also read The InALIENable rights of Corporations.

Once again, the actions of a federal district judge give credence to the belief that businesses and corporations are the ruling class of this country and above the law.

Dream Act Texas asks Does the DREAM Act really have a chance with OBAMA?.

In In Defense of Fragomen, at Greg Siskind’s Blog, we learn that the Department of Labor is auditing the nations biggest immigration law firm as a method of intimidation.

Large schools and small seeing influx of students from around the world at Immigrants in the USA Blog.

This town’s school students speak 39 different languages, including Serbian, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Urdu and Arabic, and its ELL students come from 15 different language backgrounds. The kids are all learning English successfully. DP

Hate and Chastisement at Immigration Equality Blog.

In a climate where the Ku Klux Klan uses the immigration “threat” to recruit members and neo-Nazis continue to market a computer game where the goal is to shoot Mexicans crossing the border, there is little doubt that these are hard times for immigrants and their allies.

On the recent Oklahoma ruling – Another One (State Immigration Law) Bites the Dust — At Least for Now at Immigration Prof Blog. Also good news Court Blocks Local Arizona Anti-Solicitation Law and bad news Pew Hispanic Center: Unemployment among Latinos is up to 7.3%. In The Price Tag for Immigration Enforcement we’re asked “Are Americans willing to pay for the intensifying crackdown on immigrants?” and in Postville Ankle Bracelets we learn of ICE ‘kinder gentler’ method for keeping track of migrants before they meet the judge.

At Just News Blog we have Corpus Christi mother suing U.S. for deporting daughter.

Watch Major Public Outcry Against an Extremely Harsh Immigration Approach in Virginia at Pro Inmigrant. This video documents the efforts of the anti-migrant group “Help Save Manassas” and shows how their “rule of law” strategy is simply a display of intolerance against local Hispanics. We also get to hear from Annabel Park who is a wonderful voice in this movement.

Standing FIRM brings us Truths (and then some more truths) on the cause and effect of immigration and the idea that no human is illegal. In Iowa’s Rep. Bruce Braley Presses for more after Postville ICE Raids we learn of Braley’s efforts to get some answers on the lax treatment of Agriprocessors. Also read the State and Local Round-up.

Bloggers of the world unite! and Daily Headlines: June 5, 2008 at The Latin Americanist.

14% of Mexicans work in the U.S. and Immigrant Hispanic unemployment rate: 7.5% at Working Immigrants at Working Immigrants.


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