What’s So ‘Kosher’ About Agriprocessors?

When you discover a company you do business with is unethical and inhumane what do you do? Order more from them! – of course. What’s so ‘kosher’ about this meat processing company?

It’s apparent we have a long way to go when the headline regarding a unethical company is not that they’re unethical, but that

“Major supplier of kosher meats had to cut production after worker arrests.”

Of course – production is more important that the many damaged lives that once faithfully served this employer.

This article does thankfully tell us that some have decided to go elsewhere for their kosher meat as they do not feel this is truly a kosher company.

Iowa immigration raid felt in Pikesville stores – Baltimore Sun
By Jonathan Bor
June 6, 2008

At Baltimore’s largest kosher grocery store, meat manager Chaim Fishman has learned to order twice as much poultry from his chief supplier as he used to. He knows that however much he orders, the company will ship half.

Three weeks after federal immigration agents raided the AgriProcessors slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, and detained almost half of its work force, Baltimore’s kosher markets and caterers are finding ways to satisfy one of the nation’s most dedicated clienteles.

As if the lack of enforcement against the company owners wasn’t enough it seems they were raided at the most opportune time:

Kosher merchants, and their customers, have received something of a break from the Jewish calendar. With Passover already behind them, the raid came during a lull between major Jewish observances.

As a result, retailers have not had to meet the spike in demand that comes when families prepare large holiday dinners.

One loyal customer in the article felt the lack of indictment against the owners indicated they had done no wrong, but clearly this is just a case of the migrant paying the price. It’s a system where businesses know they won’t be punished for hiring undocumented migrants so they do it. Then when the company is raided the privatized jail system gets to make a little money too.

How kosher is that?


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