G. Gordon Liddy’s Reconquista: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere

Yesterday an article was written in the Charlotte Observer titled “The meanness has to stop.” It was picked up by many here and the post over at Standing FIRM caught William Gheen’s attention. If you’d like to read what he though of the article check it out here.

Because I Hate America? at The Sanctuary. How can anyone that struggles and gives up so much to migrate to the United States hate it?

Get out the immigrant vote! at Standing FIRM. Get some information on efforts to encourage voter registration and listen to Nicola Wells speak with Jose Gonzalez from the New Americans Democracy Project at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Also in Action Alert: Host a Conversation to hold DHS Accountable! we learn of an effort to host conversations around the country to counter DHS’s terrible treatment of migrants. And we have Action Alert: Oregonians hold a Week of Action and Prayer.

Immigrant Unemployment Rate On The Rise at Para Justicia y Libertad.

You just said What!!!!!! Pro Inmigrant gives us a video illustrating how media allows the degrading language against migrants. It’s actually illustrated before you even watch the video in the topics headline “New Hope For Illegals.” Calling a person an illegal is down right degrading in and of itself. Also read “Why should the American people be responsible for paying for Rolls-Royce medical care for illegal aliens?” which is Rep. Steve King’s response to the reports of deaths in ICE’s custody. Nice guy.

The flawed logic of either/or – Creating spaces for intervention at No Borders of Binaries.

Our world is tainted in simplistic, dualistic undertones since we are young and we grow up conditioned to think in this manner. It starts from the household where pink is for girls and blue is for boys going all the way to the President where you are either with him or against him and there is no middle ground, no space to negotiate and intervene.

Watch the video the 23rd Day. The video shows us the 23rd day of Paul Konar’s hunger strike to protest his and other Indian worker’s being lied to regarding their visas. Also in One person always ruins it for everyone else… we have a community responding to a drunk driving death by pushing for immigration enforcement. All of us here are upset anytime we read of tragedy so it’s truly upsetting to see one tragedy turn into others due to one person’s negligent and dumb decision to drive intoxicated. At Dream Act Texas.

McCain: A Chip off of the Bush Republican Block at Eristic Ragemail.

John McCain likes to tout his independence from the nutwings that make up the Republican Party base. However, neither his voting record nor his recent statements indicate that he will be anything other than a third term Bush administration.

Police Brutality Against Indigenous at The Unapologetic Mexican.

THE LONG WAR against the indigenous of this continent, as well as those who have done the early work of building this mighty nation, and who still do much of the heavy lifting (too often unrecognized and invisible and unprotected or unchampioned) continues.

Another Valedictorian Told To Ship Out at Greg Siskind’s Blog. This is another story on Arthur Mkoyan and the callousness of our immigration system. He published his email address – artmkoyan@gmail.com – and said he’ll forward any letters of support to Sen. Dianne Feinstein. Let’s help him out.

Ruth, Naomi, and Postville at Immigration Equality. The story of Ruth and the small town turned upside down by ICE. Take a moment to sign the petition linked to in this post against expoitation of migrants and the other. There’s also a place to donate money if you wish to.

Undocumented Chinese Immigrants in Texas? at Immigration Prof Blog.

Many people do not know that there long has been Chinese migration through Mexico to the United States. Since 1882, when the U.S. used the Chinese exclusion laws and other means to dramatically reduce n on Chinese immigration that would last decades, Chinese have been crossing the Mexican border.

Also Law Legal vs illegal immigration isn?t clear cut, study shows

About two in five legal immigrants to the United States have also spent time here illegally in what is a more complex immigration system than many Americans recognize.

Oh my! G. Gordon Liddy is BACK! and he’s verbally funding the anti-Hispanic rhetric. Maher Arar’s is being reopened for investigation in DHS to Reopen Arar Rendition Case. We have one more – Responses to the Immigration Raids.

SALT deplores these raids that are creating a moral, legal, and humanitarian crisis in our nation. ICE’s heavy handed enforcement against undocumented workers in the wake of failed immigration reform is shameful.

Resistance at US/Mexico border heats up in anticipation of next month’s fence construction at Latina Lista.

Today, all eyes are fixed on Washington DC and ears glued for the latest hint at what was discussed at a late-night meeting between Obama and Clinton but the real action is happening outside the Beltway — at the US/Mexico border.Things are heating up and it promises to be a long, hot summer showdown between border residents and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The VivirLatino Family Gets a New Member : Special Guest Editor Estevan Montemayor at Vivir Latino.

At Mexico Trucker we have Right Wing looney tunes subverting the minds of America’s youth. I have to be honest that I don’t know much about the North American Union, but some of the arguments seemed convincing to me. However, I see that as a ‘business first’ oppression tactic being fueled by the likes of Bush rather than a nativist – they’re ruining our sovereignty issue.

Cuban Five Convictions Upheld but Sentences Were Vacated at The Latin Americanist. Also watch Today’s Video: “Soledad Is Gone Forever”.

Soledad Is Gone Forever” is a psychological drama that explores the chilling consequences of political persecution through the eyes of Soledad Gonzalez, a young Chilean photographer living in San Francisco.

Films for Thought – Morristown: In the Air and Sun at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights

Morristown offers a working class look at globalization from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. This film brings forth the voices of Tennessee and Mexican workers affected by economic globalization, through plant closings, immigration, farm and factory work.

Burmese workers replace illegal meat processing work at Working Immigrants.

This story occurred because Swift like other meat processors located large plants in rural towns to lower wage scales – and to draw in immigrant labor, legal or illegal.


2 thoughts on “G. Gordon Liddy’s Reconquista: Pro-Migrant Sanctuarysphere”

  1. This is in regards to Arthur Mkoyan. You can tweak the sample letter below, shoot it off to Feinstein and anyone else from California, and CC artmkoyan@gmail.com

    Courtesy: OptimistinDenial @ DAP

    Here’s the sample letter text:

    U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
    One Post Street, Suite 2450
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Fax: (415) 393-0710 or 415 989 3242

    United States Senate
    331 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Fax: (202) 228-3954


    Dear Senator Feinstein,

    I urge you to immediately introduce a Private Bill
    into the Senate to stop the imminent deportation of
    this year’s Bullard High School Valedictorian Arthur
    Mkoyan, Immigration and Customs Enforcement case
    number A70-783-979.

    This coming Tuesday, Arthur will graduate as
    Valedictorian of a Fresno public magnet high school
    class of 562 students. Unfortunately, Arthur and his
    family are scheduled to be deported shortly
    thereafter. Arthur has already been accepted to begin
    college at UC Davis in the fall, and plans to study
    Chemistry. As an American, I am personally encouraged
    that we have talented, science-inclined young people
    like Arthur in our country.

    Senator Feinstein, your timely intervention is both
    appropriate and critical. I implore you to introduce
    the Private Bill this week so that we can keep an
    intellectually gifted young person and his loving, law
    abiding family in our state. Thank you for your



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