Illegal immigrationbill biggest legislative achievement – Charleston Post & Courier

According to this article a strong immigration bill took precedence over funding for new school buses and the higher cost of fuel. While some see state level immigration enforcement as a good thing what they often fail to realize is that it costs money. So instead of focusing on how to keep the children of South Carolina learning they decided that ‘attrition through enforcement’ is a better way to spend money.

Strong illegal immigrationbill biggest legislative achievement – Charleston Post and Courier.
June 7, 2008

Legislation to stem the flow of illegal immigration into South Carolina is the major accomplishment of this year’s session, just ended. South Carolina employers will no longer be able to wink at restrictions on hiring illegals, just because Congress has been unwilling to offer meaningful enforcement of existing laws.

Here we learn of their inability to deal with the school budget.

But the Legislature failed to approve full funding for the regular replacement of school buses, leaving that long-needed initiative on the side of the road. Neither did its budget provide sufficient funding to the Department of Education for gasoline. The situation could get worse since every 8-cent per gallon rise costs the department another $1 million.

And though immigration enforcement is a top priority for this state apparently safety for those that will be detained is not:

Gov. Sanford described the inadequate funding for fuel as deficit financing and contends it is unconstitutional under state law. He complained similarly about the Legislature’s failure to provide the state prison system with the necessary funds to ensure its safe operation over the next fiscal year.

And what do you know, it looks like South Carolina just gives us another example of rewarding businesses who fail to provide proper protection for employees or firefighters. Here we read that the state rather than demanding businesses abide by the law (as they want migrants to), they’ll give them tax credits to promote their doing so.

It agreed to encourage the installation of sprinklers with tax credits from local government, matched by the state. Local governments should sign up for the plan at their earliest convenience.


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