The Humanitarian Nativist – What Will They Think of Next?

The humanitarian nativist is an odd character. They’ll claim that they advocate for undocumented migrants because they’re treated poorly and are part of a ‘modern day slavery.’ However this compassion for migrants stops as the handcuffs are applied from a friendly neighborhood ICE agent. What does a nativist care about the conditions in detention centers, the way raids are carried out or the conditions in the country these migrants left? If you ask me that don’t care at all.

The humanitarian approach an odd nativist tactic seen from time to where the nativist claims to advocate for the rights of the undocumented migrant. We recently saw this in a Glenn Beck CNN article titled “Slavery Alive and Well in the U.S.” On the CNN page just like some plastic reporter telling us about the latest car bomb Glenn Beck’s happy well paid mug sits in observance as we read of migrant woes. Of course this is the same man that said we should turn dead Mexicans into a new fuel called ‘Mexinol’.

While these nativists advocate for harsh and often inhumane laws and enforcement they seek sympathy for their cause under the guise of protecting human rights. So now it’s safe to hate people and call for their removal because you’re doing it for their own good. This tactic shows that “it’s the law” and “what part of illegal don’t you understand” is no longer working for them. Since they can’t play to your sense of ‘the rule of law’ (as if all laws are just) they must play to your sympathies. But be careful that those sympathies don’t go too far or else their little game is ruined.

We see this tactic in an article from Michael Cutler at Border Fire Report titled “Illegal Immigration is an American Issue.” The first important note is the fact that it only speaks about migrants who have crossed the border “illegally” which means Hispanics. This article does not talk or speak to the millions here on expired visas from all over the world. This only goes to show that it’s not “illegal” immigration these groups worry about, but just that which happens from the south.

(this image was taken from the Border Fire’s header on their website.)

His article begins by trying to appeal to those that are concerned about the human rights issues within the immigration debate.

An AP article called “Immigration Raid Spurs Calls For Actions vs Owners” is important for a number of reasons. First of all it clearly illustrates the outrageous conditions under which illegal aliens often toil.

He goes on to speak of the ‘working conditions’ and his belief that employers do not pay payroll taxes. Basically the same tired claim that undocumented migrants are not contributing but to themselves.

While this article claims to advocate for the rights of abused undocumented migrants it also claims that all other issues in the U.S. are as a result of their presence:

The common thread that runs through each and every one of these highly important issues is the impact that our nation’s failure to secure its border and create a secure immigration system has on these important areas of concern.

His quote was followed by his lamenting the demise of Tancredo as a viable presidential candidate. He opines that Tancredo was boxed as a one issue candidate though he was truly concerned about national security, criminal justice, the economy, the environment, healthcare and education.

So in one of the most environmentally unfriendly countries which consumes more resources that a majority of the world Cutler believes it’s our easily crossed borders to blame. Truly though, he’s not blaming the borders – what can a border do? He’s blaming the people he claims to stand up for at the beginning of his article.

This humanitarian also brings up the issue of smugglers and the monies that must be paid to them by some undocumented migrants. Wouldn’t it occur to Cutler that a person willing to pay thousands to come to the United States, money which is most often owed not paid upfront, that they might be in a bad situation to begin with?

If a person is truly concerned about the wellbeing of these migrants they’ll show it by looking for compassionate solutions. Don’t try to dupe us into believing you care about these migrants. If you did you’d be after the root cause of this migration rather than trying to magnify their undocumented status while failing to speak on their plight and struggle.


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