All Migrants Are Drug Smugglers – Ok

Here’s an article Illegal immigrants’ role in drug trade shouldn’t be ignored. To this title I say the drug trade shouldn’t be ignored at all. What I also say is that the undocumented migrants I advocate for here are not drug smugglers. Though I know this is a convenient assertion that writers like Guy W. Farmer would like to make. As he does here:

Here’s something the so-called “immigration advocates” don’t want you to know: Illegal immigrants are deeply involved in the drug trade in Northern Nevada, and elsewhere on the West Coast and around the country.

I am not a illegal drug advocate. I am a human rights advocate and a migrant rights advocate. My desire to bring people out of the shadows does not equal my support of drug trafficking. If Mr. Farmer wants to talk about drug trafficking he should consult his fellow anti-“illegal” immigrant supporter Frosty Wooldridge who believes that drugs should be made legal.

His ridiculous assertions continue:

The latest example of the dangerous and troubling connection between illegal immigration and drug trafficking occurred in Reno last month when federal, state and local anti-drug agents teamed-up to arrest 10 Mexican nationals – most of them illegal immigrants – on charges of possessing large quantities of illicit narcotics with the intention of selling them to our children and grandchildren.

First off he states they were not all “illegal” immigrants. I don’t support anyone who chooses a life of drug trafficking. I would support their desire to become a better person, but as long as they choose drugs as a means of employment I cannot support them. Second he asserts that these people meant to sell the drugs to ‘our children and grandchildren.’ He knows full well that’s a tactic to stir up anger. Truly these drugs are going to adult addicts and will most likely be sold to your ‘children and grandchildren’ (who you are responsible for raising by the way) by a citizen. What’s funny though is somehow these “illegal” immigrants who can’t speak English are now peddling narcotics to your American child. I guess the arguments change when convenient.

The necessity to link the millions of hard working immigrants to violence is essential in the nativist debate. He goes on:

Although illegal immigration advocates argue that most “undocumented workers” are honest, law-abiding people who want to work in the U.S. in order to provide for their destitute families in Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America, the truth is that far too many illegals are involved with violent Latino gangs and Mexican drug cartels.

Far too many? So if 0.05% are involved in illegal activity then the whole of the group are to blame. Well I hate to have to drop this truth on Mr. Farmer, but drug trafficking has been a problem long before this immigration debate started and it’s has always been carried out in this same manner. The only thing that’s changed is now millions of undocumented workers have come here to work. Therefore Mr. Farmer wants us to believe that these people who are picked up in factory raids are somehow evil drug smugglers. Sorry, but that tactic doesn’t work.

He finished up:

My plea is for the Feds and state and local police to get serious about border control and drug trafficking and violence along the U.S. – Mexico border. And let’s stop romanticizing the criminal illegal immigrants who make the drug problem much worse.

Mr. Farmer nobody in the pro-migrant movement has ever romanticized criminal “illegal” immigrants who make the drug problem much worse. So stop with the propaganda and try to find some real solutions. Your anti-drug projects have failed because you don’t go after the source of the problem – the drug user. No demand, no supply. It’s simple. Stop using drug enforcement as a tactic to go after hard working migrants.


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