Don’t Descriminate Against Racism – Love That Confederate Flag

Confederate Flag Comic

Here’s another fine article from the website Border Fire Report. This article defends the Confederate Flag. The article titled End Discrimination Against the Confederate Flag and the South is actually just one of two recent articles to defend the heinous symbol of racism.

Call it historical. Claim it’s a symbol of state’s rights, but the Confederate flag is no more a symbol of anything good than the swastika is a symbol of peace. The meaning of the Confederate flag has long been a symbol or racist groups and that’s something Border Fire Report is going to have to deal with. You can no more remove racism from the Confederate flag than you can remove it from the cone hood-mask worn by the KKK.

In this article John Lillpop (who also wrote the post titled “Should America invade Mexico“)laments at our desire for diversity that falls short of letting racist symbols proliferate. In his short article he states:

Why is it that those who preach that “our diversity is our greatest strength” the loudest are often the least tolerant and most non-inclusive?

What’s strange is that Lillpop claims these students where waiving the flags while a previous story on Border Fire Report titled Mexican Flag Gets Students Expelled… Oh, Wait… claims the flags where adorning the kids trucks.

If these true blues where simply trying to defend the Confederate flag I still wouldn’t agree, but at least I could understand. However, rather than stick to the topic they go off on Latin American countries:

No, it wasn’t the Mexican flag, it wasn’t the Iranian flag or even the Venezuelan flag. It was the Confederate flag.

What do the flags of these other nations have to do with this story? Well, nothing at all, but when all you can think about are the evil Latinos then you’re going to inject that hatred everywhere you can. So instead of trying to prove the Confederate flag is not racist Huston insinuates that these kids are true Americans and it’s the people that wave or hang flags of Latin American countries that should be punished.

In order for his tactic to work you too have to be angry at these Latin American flags. You must be instilled with a hatred for Hispanics and Latinos.

Getting back to Lillpop’s article he claims:

Over the past few years, Americans have seen foreigners (illegal aliens) take over our streets whilst flying the flag of Mexico in order to demand non-existent rights.

How is it that some Americans can forgive and forget when it comes to foreign enemies, but cannot tolerate the flying of the Confederate Flag by our Southern brethren?

Actually Mexico is not a foreign enemy; however, to Lillpop any other nation is apparently automatically an enemy of the United States. What he also fails to see here is that these rallies and protest feature many U.S. flags as well. The other flags are waived to represent country of origin and not as a sign of ‘invasion’ as these people like to claim. No matter how much they hate it the Mexican flag being waived in a parade is no more threatening than the Italian flag hanging on Mulberry street in New York.

In his article, Lillpop then goes on to state the Confederate flag reminds him of tranquility and peace:

To many, the Confederate Flag represents a slower pace of life, pretty belles with charming Southern drawls, down home folks who are honest, open and friendly, blistering hot summers, baseball, car racing, and Southern fried chicken.

When I see the Confederate Flag, I think of country music, eating watermelon and BBQed steak in the back yard in July, fighting off mosquitoes bigger than most dogs, swimming in creeks, and the soothing, reassuring melody orchestrated by country crickets.
Best of all, the Confederate Flag conjures up images of tranquil and serene Southern churches, black congregations being among the most colorful and spiritual.

Yes, even black people should appreciate the Confederate flag. I’m sure their grandparents who saw it waiving as the South defended its right to keep them as slaves would have agreed. Of course the myriad of hate groups who use it as a symbol of pride surely appreciate Lillpop’s gesture as well.

But Lillpop doesn’t care if a black person sees hatred in the Confederate flag. He says so in his article:

It is true that many African-Americans see only “hatred, bigotry, intolerance, slavery, civil rights issues and discrimination” in the Confederate Flag.

To such people, one bit of advice seems appropriate: Get over it and give diversity a chance!

This sad lack of compassion should come as no surprise from a voice of white entitlement. Us whites are allowed to make you into slaves and then tell you to shut up about it because hey, that was the past. Why should we respect your feelings or desires? We didn’t do it then so we’re certainly not going to do it now. Right?

Maybe it’s Lillpop and his ilk that haven’t given diversity a chance. It’s been nearly 150 years since the end of slavery yet it’s only been about fifty since schools were desegregated.

Even more ridiculously, the kids weren’t using the flags in response to any racial situation, nor were they parading the flags around the school. These flags were merely hanging on their autos on the last day of school.

Here we read that the flags were just ‘hanging on their autos.’ However, the ABC News story states:

School district officials say the students were “carrying and waving” the Confederate flags when they arrived at their last day of school, a violation of the school’s code of conduct.

And as of the flag simply hanging from the kid’s truck:

One of the teens had a flag hoisted on a 20-foot flagpole attached to his truck.

Taking the time to attach this massive flag to your vehicle certainly says you knew what you were doing. What I don’t get is why kids in Minnesota would be flying the flag.

Racism is alive and well in the United States and the issue of immigration is only throwing fuel onto the embers of a fire that may never be extinguished.

In Florida a group called “Sons of Confederate Veterans” are hoisting up a massive Confederate flag in Tampa, Florida.

A man defending the flag stated:

During a recent television appearance, Lambert denied that the flag was racially offensive and should be stigmatized. “It’s well known that the KKK flies the U.S. flag and the Christian flag,” Lambert said. “And so why aren’t those symbols taken in and embodied in the symbol of hatred while the Confederate flag is? It flies in the face of reason that we demonize this particular flag,” he said.

I’ll tell him why. It’s because the U.S. flag represent this country and the Confederate flag does not. The U.S. flag can mean many things – good and bad. However, the Confederate flag has long since been hijacked as a symbol of hatred and these people know full well that flying it equals the statement “boy I wish the south won the war – us white folk would be better off.” The Confederate flag represents a time of slavery and oppression. To fly it in such a grand manner is dreadfully irresponsible.


11 thoughts on “Don’t Descriminate Against Racism – Love That Confederate Flag”

  1. The ones who win war and political conflicts get to write the history and therefore believe they change the face of history, society and the thinking of the masses. And so the Confederate flag can be resigned to the trash heap of history, being assigned racist connotation. More political correctness at work.

    America is losing its identity as the truly great country it once was. Those of the elitist northern Sanctuary cities/City States have lost touch, and some Southern folks see this. This is an example of these Americans grasping at tradition, holding on to being American before it all disappears.

    As far as hijacked symbols, like the crucifix and others, we can always find actions of others that hurt the multiculturalist inside each one of us. The one elitists want us all to be.

  2. The writers of history have little to do with the fact that hate groups have hijacked this flag as their symbol of choice. Anyone that has an issue with that can take it up with them. Until you wrestle that flag off their homes, trucks, shirts, websites and their arms it will forever be theirs.

    I’m not sure how the Confederate flag is a symbol of a once great nation. When the flag was raced slavery was alive and well – that flag will forever conjure up that terrible past.

  3. Actually those hate groups have been using other symbols (Cross, US flag) a lot longer. Their use of the Confederate flag starts in the 1950s.

    Why the selective denunciation of only one symbol?

  4. Well, they use the confederate flag so those that preferred it not be tainted should have done a better job to fight for it. As far as I know there has been no attempt to tell white supremacist groups to give back the symbol. If I’m wrong let me know.

    I wrote about the flag because it’s the symbol in the story. Here are some others.

  5. Ok so let me get this straight. The confederate flag is a form of racism. Right? To some yes other no. I am a proud southerner and this is my question. Blacks discuss racism and whites treat them and My question is this. Are the bllods and crips racist? YEs they are. They should be considered terrorist . Thats what they are. Here some hard facts for ya. Have you ever noticed that when whites move out and blacks move on the neighborhood goes to total crap. Drugs gangs and violence takes the place of children playing. The school is Arkansas where they first pushed the intergration issue is now a war zone. The whites moved out and the drugs and gangs moved in. Now these gangs see whites as a prime target. IS that racism? Yes,
    But its ok for blacks to be racist against whites. If a black person kills a white person its a homocide. If a white person kills a black person its a race or hate crime.
    So now we have come full circle. I choose to not be a victim for these people. I say and group that is formed to hurt God fearing tax payers should be treated as terrorist black or white. KKK, Crips,etc should be considered domestic terrorist and should be treated as such. Obama knows this all too well

    1. I believe you need to exercise a little compassion. Such terrible conclusions about people based on their race does nothing but perpetuate terrible stereotypes. If you believe a person is beneath you then they will be. Your perception of the world is an important factor in shaping it. Change your perception and your actions will follow. This will then lead to a better world for all. The mind is a powerful thing. Don’t smother yours with negative energy.

      We shouldn’t try to construct analogies meant to wedge black and white people. What do you stand to gain from doing this? Slavery may have ended over one hundred years ago, but racism against blacks did not. It has carried on and continues to make their struggle very real. Your diatribe illustrates this perfectly.

      Thanks for your opinions.

  6. Dear Author,

    This flag only shows what you call “heinous symbol of racism”. Because during the rights movement and the restart up of the KKK “around the 1920’s”, they used it as a symbol of hate. I do not blame them for ruining the flag, I blame my ancestors children for not standing up for the flag when it was used where it shouldn’t have.

    This flag to my family, my ancestors, and me means nothing to do with racism. My “dirt farmer” ancestors fought for this flag, not to protect their property “slaves”, which they didn’t own, but to protect their state. Slavery was unjust, anyone who disagrees has no love for humanity.

    1. i fly the confederate flag proudly, and who ever thinks its a rasisct sign is askin for it, i aint rasist, and the flag does not represent slavery, nor rasisom, some people use it that way, but thats not what it stands for

      1. Sadly, if you fly the flag you will be perceived as a racist. The flag was flown by a group trying to keep slavery alive and today it is used by white supremacists. That’s just the way it is.

  7. Well I fly the confederate flags one in my front yard and one in my back yard , and I’m not racist at all . Just because it was flown at the alamo , and was also flown during slavery don’t make me a racist .let’s also not forget it was a white man that freed the slaves . I have black friends as well as Mexican friends. My flag is a southern flag that’s me (southern).

  8. Urhm. I’m pretty sure the Confederate flag wasn’t flown at the Alamo. Well not during the famous battle of the Alamo at least. I don’t know where you got that from.

    I’m a proud Southerner with many confederates in my direct family lineage, and I would be horrified if America country started banning any flags or symbols. When it does, it means the last vestiges of the dream of America that the Founding Fathers had in mind is completely and utterly dead.

    Censoring symbols, ideas, and words is quite frankly the first step to mass mind control. It’s wrong. Period. No matter what.

    That being said, I understand the negative connotations with the Confederate battle flag. I also understand how wrong and ignorant it is. The British flag flew over enslaved Africans for around 150 years. The American flag flew over enslaved Africans for almost a century. The Confederate battle flag? Well…actually, it never flew over slaves at all.

    Whoa! What did I say? What am I talking about?

    It’s a battle flag. It was only used by a couple of divisions or companies or whatnot of Confederate soldiers. It was NOT the national flag of the Confederacy. Ever. It only ever flew over Confederate soldiers and in the faces of the Union enemy. Never was it flown, during the war, during any time of slavery to symbolize a land, a people, a society. It symbolized armed defense of the South against the North for a small portion of the CSA military.

    Heck, 99% of Americans wouldn’t even know what the real Confederate National flag looks like if I waved it in their face. However, if people want to call me a racist (which I think is a laugh since I fought for this country right next to my fellow Southern African-American brothers) then fine. I’ll back off. Whatever. I’ll hoist the CSA National flag.

    But if anyone wants to tell anyone else they can’t fly that flag I will come to their defense.

    Because denying that right to anyone else is an ignorant, unwarranted, intolerant, and downright unAmerican stance to take.

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