Operation Drill Bit? How About Operation Battery

It seems there’s a growing campaign online to have everyone send in drill bits to congress as a statement that we start drilling here in the United States. What I find quite odd is how these people think it’s going to make a difference when the same companies that sell us the oil now and report profits of $1,300 a minute are going to save us money by drilling here. Maybe all these people should fasten their drills bits together and use the money they would have spent on postage to drill themselves.

I originally learned of this campaign through the New Jersey magazine Our Town Jersey. Though I found out this idea was started by Todd Schnitt of the Schnitt Show it seems Our Town Jersey is claiming it was their idea. Regardless of whose idea it is both the Schnitt show and Our Town Jersey share many of the same ideals.

Given Bob most likely pulls his Our Town jokes from the internet, as I’ve never seen an original joke published there, I’m sure he became a fan of Schnitt’s show on one of his joke hunts. But I don’t want to focus on what appears to be Bob’s taking credit for something he didn’t think of. Let’s focus on his editorial.

It’s funny how people’s sense of identity and history all fly out the window when it’s time to rally behind an idea. In this case it’s the idea of America.

In issue number 31 of Our Town Jersey Bob Beierle states:

Our nation is slow to anger because we are basically and honesty good people and for all the squawking and all the barking that the entire world does when it comes to complaining about the citizens of the United States of American about us being a bunch of yahoos, you can pretty much throw all that out the window. Because any time the septic hits the fan somewhere in the world and the rest of the world tucks their head and turns their back, it s the American people who belly up to the bar and do what has to be done. Now you notice I didn’t say American politicians who get the job done. Oh no. It’s you and me. It’s our children. It’s our aunts and uncles…our parents and grandparents.

So what exactly did we do to help the people in Rwanda? How exactly did we help the people in Vietnam and how are we helping the people in Iraq? After all we put Sadam in power there. Great help we were. And what of all the people around the world working in sweat shops that supply us with clothing? What about our neighbors to the south who live in such bad conditions that they risk their lives to migrate here?

The American people do give – that’s true, but our government creates terror around the globe and we on some level have to take responsibility too. Though we did step up and help during the World Wars we certainly haven’t lived up to what Bob believes we are as a country. To separate the American people from the actions of our government is an irresponsible separation. Yes, the American people have helped others, but often it was after the American government called them to action.

So the folks over at Our Town Jersey have encouraged a campaign. After exclaiming that we’re all going to fall into an abyss because of evil politicians and absurd gases prices he asks that you do one thing in protest – send in your drill bits. So instead of standing up to the businesses that are making a killing while we suffer financially we should just give them more contracts here. Great idea, we lose again.

Why should you send in your drill bits? Well, it’s because Bob wants politicians to know that we want them to drill for oil in the U.S. Why should we be concerned about the environment? We’ve been irresponsible this long so let’s just keep on rolling ’cause we need oil! Why should we question the fact that many years ago an electric car called the EV-1 was produced and conveniently destroyed after the owner’s leases were up. All the owners loved their electric cars, but GM wouldn’t let them keep the cars. I’m sure the same companies that demanded those electric cars be taken off the road will happily drill for oil in the United States. Why should we be smart about this?

Maybe what we should do instead of sending drill bits is send in batteries. Let’s tell the politicians that we want them to go home and work on building electric cars. Really though, what we should be doing is finding responsible solutions to this problem. The first thing to do is recognize that the price of gas is not a result of simple supply and demand. I believe, as Bob does, that we’re being robbed. However, sending in pieces of metal that won’t make it past security is not the best way to deal with this situation. We know the electric car has already been built, we know that cars made in the nineties got much better gas mileage so what’s happened?

Our Town Jersey’s commentary rarely takes the side of responsibility to this campaign should come as no surprise. They don’t take responsibility for publishing dirty jokes for your kids to read and they seem to think that we live in a world that can take constant environmental abuse.

So before you send in your drill bit – just look at it for one second and think about “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.


3 thoughts on “Operation Drill Bit? How About Operation Battery”

  1. Just picked up this publication last week at a local coffee house, thinking it was actually a community oriented thing.

    I was shocked to see how bad the writing was, and then even more shocked to see how repugnant its views were. I can’t believe those advertising in it, including businesses representing national brands like Verizon, have read it. So I called a few and let them know, including the place I found it originally. I don’t think people realized how racist it is.

    I also notified civil rights groups locally and nationally. I encourage you to do the same, if you haven’t already. It’s message is fairly stupid and ineffective, but the fact that it’s generating revenue from prominent businesses is what bothers me most.

    I generally stay out of political controversies, but this is a matter of decency and civil respect.

  2. Honestly I hadn’t contacted many people about this. I did email a library who agreed it was only suitable for adults. I was hoping to get more people interested by writing posts about it.

    The idea of the publication is a good one, but the actual thing is horrible. I have many issues and everyone is chock full of misogyny, prejudice, and sexual jokes. Not exactly community reading.

    Please send me an email and let me know who you contacted if you don’t mind. I’ll do the same.- symsess@yahoo.com

  3. Thank you. I wish more people would be community minded and come forward and boycott this publication. It is horrible and very troubling that someone with his views should be able to distribute this and make money off legitimate businesses.

    As a community, lets wise-up and make a stance. It is not acceptable for our community and it is the worst propaganda for our children to be reading.

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