On Thin Ice: Pro-Migrant SantuarySphere

If you’ve ever played the game “Don’t Break The Ice” you’re familiar with the way it’s played. The object of the game is to knock out blocks of “ice” from the board trying not to cause them all to fall. This is similar to the ICE raids where beautiful hard-working people are being arrested and detained. Each person removed subracts from the good of the whole and as the raids continue we’ll eventually all collapse – citizens and migrants alike.

Just News brings us Thin Ice.

I documented thirty-one cases from across the country of US citizens, eight born here, incarcerated as aliens for one month to five years. Fourteen were deported. Five remain in detention.

And in Immigrant kids–alone and detained we learn of children who must face the system alone.

I have to put No Border and Binaries on the front page with Under-reported Immigration News Brief – 1. Here we have a grouping of immigration news stories which, as the title states, are under-reported.

Check out the song The ReKongKangKeesta (And Other Varieties)at The Unapologetic Mexican. (It can also be found at The Sanctuary.) Music by Nezua- Lyrics by G. Gordon Liddy.

Standing FIRM brings us the video ICE Raid Traumatizes Community. Also We’re Still Here! brings us the story of St. Rose of Lima Church which rallied the community when raids came its way. In Arizona: Does Crackdown Cross the Line? asks if the harsh tactics used their to ‘crack down’ on migrants are legal. Also read One Raid at a Time: How Immigrant Crackdowns Build the National Security State.

Indian Workers On Hunger Strike Over Slave Labor Conditions at Para Justicia y Libertad.

On May 14, five Indian guest workers launched a water-only hunger strike outside the White House to protest the slave-like conditions that more than 500 Indian welders and pipe fitters have endured while working at the Signal International, a marine oil rig construction company based in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

Damn Mexicans is back and brings us Where’s My Check, Uncle Sam?

The very notion of it sends shivers down anti-immigration activists. This fact is well known but remains largely ignored in their hateful arguments, but it is true: undocumented immigrants pay taxes.

DMI Blog brins us E-verify at Long Island WINS and Update: Could a Private Bill Save Valedictorian from Deportation?. Well we hope so.

Here’s a link to a letter you can use to support Arthur. You an email Diane Feinstein and make sure you cc: Arthur at artmkoyan@gmail.com. You can email Diane here, but I’m not sure what here direct email address is. If somebody knows please leave a comment.

Except it is not JUST Latinos: Prioritize education and pass Dream Act at Dream Act Texas

And now for color commentary we turn to Nazi apologist, Pat Buchanan at Erisic Ragemail.

But shouldn’t someone say, hey this Buchanan guy is way out of the mainstream, as in David Duke/Hal Turner territory, Holocaust denier terrain, and perhaps he should find an outlet that does not carry the imprimatur of Conventional Wisdom. He needs to crawl under the same rock that houses the KKK, the Order and the Aryan Brotherhood.


Library focuses on reading, writing, speaking at Immigrants in the USA Blog and As Housing Pauses, Immigrant Laborers Return to School to Expand Their Tool Belt.

MALDEF Joined United Farm Workers March In Memory of 17-Year-Old Deceased Farm Worker at Immigration Prof Blog.

Last week, MALDEF President and General Counsel John Trasviña joined Arturo Rodriguez, President of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW), AFL-CIO, and marched with 500 farm workers to the state capitol in honor of Maria Isabel Vasquez Jimenez, a 17-year-old pregnant farm worker, who died from heat-related exhaustion.

Also read Commentary on Postville Raid an op ed from SALT’s Raquel Aldana. Though hundreds of migrants where arrested in Postville the owners of Agriprocessors were not – read Call to Investigate Agriprocessors.

We continue with Open Borders, Global Future – “An important essay by Brian Murphy at opendemocracy.net.” And Driver’s Licenses to be an Issue in Presidential Race Between McCain and Obama?.

A Latino vote that made a difference and is sending chills down the spines of city officials at Latina Lista.

Both Parties Duck On Immigration at Nuestra Voice.

McCain Mulling Immigrant Driver’s License Attack on Obama at Of América.

If you’re not sure what a nativist sounds like watch Human Beings are what!!!!!!!!!!!!! at Pro Inmigrant. Also watch Undocumented: The Trailer.

Leaving Borders at Smart Borders.

Tacitus once wrote in his Annals, “Once we suffered from our vices; today we suffer from our laws.” Indeed, unjust laws create criminals out of upstanding individuals, and in no area of legislation is this more true than immigration.

Border agent nabbed on drug charges at The Latin Americanist. Also read Cuba rejects U.S. human trafficking list and Daily Headlines: June 10, 2008.

Working Immigrants brings us Postville, IA: nogoodnik employer.

Kucinich Brings 35 Articles of Impeachment to House Floor at Wild Chihuahuas. “If you are serious about impeaching this president, you will get on the phone now and ask your representative in the strongest possible terms to support Kucinich.”

News Digest – June 9, 2008 at Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights.

Mortgage Fallout Affects Immigrant Workers at The Latin Americanist.


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