Hate Crimes In Billings, Montana

Though this establishment has suffered various attacks from hate groups of late a humanitarian effort is hoping to change that. The group Not In Our Town is holding a Eat In at the Papa Eddie’s grill to show support for this establishment. It’s great to see a group of citizens formed to help people rather than demonize and vilify.

Hate Crimes – KULR8.com
By Katie Ussin
Story Published: Jun 11, 2008 at 7:07 PM MDT

BILLINGS – A series of recent vandalisms, believed to be hate related, have surfaced across town. Now, Billings community leaders are finding themselves again saying, “Not in our town”.

The hate graffiti and acts have been picking up speed since April, culminating in the last few weeks. Papa Eddie’s grill on Broadwater has been hit several times. Swastikas spray painted on outside walls and a brick was thrown through a window with “scum out” written on it.


1 thought on “Hate Crimes In Billings, Montana”

  1. I don’t get it. Apple Pie America is having hate crime attacks on youth American citizens? You people are insane. What the hell is happening to this country?

    Is this true Montana had a young boy tied up to a fence post and beaten to death cause he was gay?

    Montana does not have a hate crime bill even after that?

    Please educate me, this is totally insane.

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