The Reconquista Myth: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Revisiting La Reconquista: A Nativist Creation at Para Justicia y Libertad.

A couple of years ago, I addressed the Reconquista myth because this myth was making it rounds among hard-core right-wing pundits. It seems the same conspiracy theory is once again making those rounds again.

Deportation Delayed for Arthur Mkoyan at A Dream Deferred.

Arthur Mkoyan and his family are no longer being deported thanks to Senator Feinstein who filed a private bill on their behalf. Yet, their immigration hurdles are far from over.

South Carolina joins the fight! at Damn Mexicans.

In this “nation of laws” it seems nobody wants to show up to do their part in giving people a fair trial. Read Jury Duty: Awful or Awe-inspiring? at DMI Blog.

Laws for Mexicans only at Dream Act Texas.

You have to wonder who becomes illegal and when. Seems to me that in college government class they never told us that we would become criminals for running a red light, which is the equivalent charge to being undocumented in the U.S.

Spain: Example of Enlightened Immigration Policy at Eristic Ragemail.

Spain encounters no nativist or anti-immigrant outcries of any significance. To the contrary, the Spanish seem quite willing to accept the newly arrived immigrants, including those from Africa.

DHS Report Card at Greg Siskind’s Blog. Also Employment Authorization Documents In Adjustment Cases To Be Valid For Two Years and July Visa Bulletin Released.

Soap Opera Politics Vol 1, Issue 10: Obama will join McCain at NCLR (La Raza) Convention to Court Latino Voters! Si Se Puede! at Immigration Talk With A Mexican American.

Will wonders never cease? Obama and McCain will both be attending and pandering for votes at the NCLR (or as ANTI´s say “La Raza”) Convention next month. Wow!! I guess this means the ANTI side will boycott voting next

June 11 Press Conference Supporting Indian H-2B Workers at Immigration Prof Blog.

Hunger Strikers Will Hold Press Conference and Rally at Justice Department in Washington, DC, to Demand ‘Continued Presence,’ End to Abuses.

Also read Legalization Programs in Europe: A Model for the U.S. and Audit Faults Delays in Immigrant Name Checks.

The Washington Post reports that “The FBI system for checking the names of immigration applicants suffers from ‘serious deficiencies’ that have produced overwhelming backlogs and questions about the reliability of the information, an internal audit has found.

New report shows that family reunification is one of the driving forces of illegal immigration at Latina Lista.

A new report, “Controlling Unauthorized Immigration from Mexico: The Failure of ‘Prevention through Deterrence’ and the Need for Comprehensive Reform,” was released today by academic researchers at the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) at the University of California—San Diego.

The common thread at Migra Matters.

What follows are seven news stories, all from different places and times. Some happened only weeks ago … some years. Some are well known … others obscure. But a common thread runs through them all.

Afterthoughts on “Deport this Illegal Immigrant” – Confessions at No Borders and Binaries.

Alright, so I am not particularly pleased with this Rubin Navarette Jr. article IN MY CITY NEWSPAPER about deporting Arthur Mkoyan because he feels AM is getting “special treatment” as opposed to a DREAMer who is of Mexican origin. And I was harsh about it on ADD.

Burning of racist symbols in yard of African-American family in Metairie at Pro Inmigrant. Also read Immigrant Advocacy Group Reports Threatening Calls.

Montgomery County (webnews) police and the FBI (web) are investigating three threatening telephone calls made May 18 to the immigrant advocacy group CASA de Maryland.

Action: Sign the Petition Demanding Justice for Indian Guest Workers at Standing FIRM. Also check out the State and Local Round-up. Watch Immigrant Youth Achieves the American Dream and read A New Jersey County that Welcomes Immigrants along with On Thin ICE.

A headline in the San Francisco Chronicle screams, 900 Nabbed in State on Immigration Charges. The Seattle Times reports, Feds Combing Jails for Illegal Immigrants. An AP article declares, Immigration Raid in Iowa Largest Ever in US and reports 390 arrests. In 2007, more than 276,912 US residents were deported. Thanks to a recent Bush Administration crackdown, the net cast by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) is wide–so wide, it turns out, that some of those being deported are US citizens.

In Act Strange and Die at The Unapologetic Mexican we learn of a verdict against a taser manufacturer. I suppose the taser was meant to give officers the ability to act then ask, but this tragic tail says otherwise.

At Vivir LatinoVivirLatino Meets the Talento Artistico of John Leguizamo and Kind of Didn’t Like Him! and VivirLatino Goes Behind the Curtain With TimesTalks.

My Kind of Guy at Wild Chihuahas. Paul Newman turns his company over to charity and has contributed over 120 million. In a world where wealth and excess are celebrated it’s nice to see some actually care.


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