Children Facing Deportation: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

The Perpetual War on Immigrant Students at No Borders and Binaries.

It seems that we have built quite an appetite for war at home and abroad. Our foreign policy mirrors our domestic one and vice-versa-Overseas, we are destroying families, communities, killing innocent children, deferring their dreams permanently through a ‘war against terrorism’ and at home we are killing the spirit and dreams of our undocumented immigrant youth by deporting them while destroying families and local economies in ICE raids.

I agree with this totally. Why would we believe a government (and those that support it) would have any regard for domestic lives when we give those in other countries none? We as the people have to demand that value be placed on all lives. Death and destruction in the name of “freedom” makes little sense to me. Similar to what’s done in war, the nativists and anti’s try desperately to turn people into things through dehumanization and vilification. It’s our job to ensure they are seen as thinking feeling human beings. Everyone here keeps that dream alive as well as the DREAM that will ensure we have exceptional talent to move this country forward.
South Florida Teen Facing Deportation at A Dream Deferred.

Amidst the good news that Arthur Mkoyan’s deportation was delayed by a private bill introduced by Senator Feinstein, another teen is facing the same dilemma.

Read about Jose Andrade in Boy Scout Facing Deportation Learns New Meaning of “Be Prepared” at Vivir Latino.

Boy Scouts are expected to be prepared, but no child should have to be prepared for what 13 year old scout Jose Andrade and his family faces. Jose Andrade faces being deported, alone.

For your daily laugh watch I’m Voting Republican at Wild Chihuahuas.

This is America’s Biggest Threat at Damn Mexicans.

This is Camila, she’s a Florida college student who is currently sitting in jail for a crime she did not commit and the government knows it. Worse than sitting in jail for something she didn’t do, she will most likely be deported. She will never see her home, friends, or the country she calls home EVER AGAIN.

Read about the new book Underground America – Narratives of Undocumented Lives at Standing FIRM. Also read The Media Don’t Care about the Other Kind of Terrorists where we find that unless your the “right color” your crimes don’t make the news.

Oklahoma City was virtually erased from the public consciousness as an act of terrorism. Since 9/11 — in addition to the anthrax killer, who promptly vanished from public consciousness once it was determined the perpetrator was a domestic terrorist — we’ve had people arrested for planning cyanide bomb attacks, destroying abortion clinics, plotting the deaths of liberal leaders, and a variety of other would-be terrorist plots. And they received ZERO attention from the national press and the cable-TV talkers.

Also read Going toe-to-toe with Lou Dobbs.

DMI Blog brings us Following in the Footsteps of Sheriff Joe. There are no kind words to describe this man who believes that undocumented migrants are more of a threat than actual criminals. Working people have always been a threat to communities – it’s nice to see someone finally doing something about it. With this idea in mind many seem to be following in Sheriff Joe’s footsteps. I imagine his tactics, which conjure up images of the old wild west where anyone could be a deputy, is why so many nativists ask “what would John Wayne do?” Of course, I say he’d just follow the script like any other actor.

Dream Act Texas – When I see a post titled The Meat Hook Story in Postville I cringe knowing that what I’m about to read will send me into anger and despair. Dream Act Texas brings us this article which is difficult to summarize – difficult to read. Abuse of immigrants is rampant. These employers, including Signal Construction and Agriprocessors know they have power over their workers and sadly they often abuse it. This abuse comes as false claims of residency, in the case of Signal, to the alleged sexual and physical abuse by Agriprocessors.

Also at Dream Act Texas read Graduation and the DREAM ACT 2008. With the government deporting bright students it’s interesting to see that immigrants seem to be excelling over their native born colleagues. And has anyone else had problems with covered up text on their blogs? In DREAMACTTEXAS censured? Lots of people must read our posts we learn that some strange things happening their with covered up text. In California bucks immigration enforcement trend we learn:

While other states move away from giving illegal immigrant college students state benefits, the California Legislature appears to be pushing to give them more access to colleges and universities.

At Eristic Ragemail – Traffic Stop: Car Registration and National ID Card Please.

In an opinion column written by Secretary Chertoff after the publication of the final rule, he said, “embracing REAL ID” would mean it would be used to “cash a check, hire a baby sitter, board a plane or engage in countless other activities.”

Call me a conspiracy nutjob, but this doesn’t sound like something I want any part of. I believe Orwell was right – “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

The Ultimate Sacrifice at Greg Siskind’s Blog.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting something I suspected was true, but it is nice to see documentation. The paper analyzed the backgrounds of the 500 Californians who have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and found that 59 were immigrants.

Read more about Sheriff Joe’s antics in No Fun For You! Also E-Verify Proposed Rule Answers Some Questions and House Extends EB-5 Job Creation Green Card Program.

President Obama? Many White Supremacists are Celebrating at Hatewatch Blog.

It’s not that the assortment of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, anti-Semites and others who make up this country’s radical right have suddenly discovered that a man should be judged based on the content of his character, not his skin. On the contrary. A growing number of white supremacists, and even some of those who pass for intellectual leaders of their movement, think that a black man in the Oval Office would shock white America, possibly drive millions to their cause, and perhaps even set off a race war that, they hope, would ultimately end in Aryan victory.

At Immigrants and Politics Blog read Restrictions in Unlikely Places.

Three months after the local police inspected more than a dozen businesses searching for illegal immigrants using stolen Social Security numbers, this community in the Florida Panhandle has become more law-abiding, emptier and whiter.

New Immigration Database at Immigration Prof Blog.

Professor Margo Schlanger has worked to create a massive database of original court documents in a number of different civil rights subject areas. One of the areas is immigration. – The collection focuses on relatively recent immigration class action cases, as well as cases involving large numbers of plaintiffs that are not, technically, class cases.

Also at IPB read Indian H-2B Worker Hunger Strike Suspended.

Indian trafficking survivors suspend hunger strike on Day 29 after huge political gains. – Workers celebrate support, vow to fight on as allies hold solidarity rallies in 10 US cities.

And in Valedictorian’s Deportation Halted Feinstein has introduced a bill to hault the deportation of Arthur Mkoyan. We also have Commentary on Affidavit of support for Postville Warrant

The affidavit, however, reveals several questionable practices or claims in support of the affidavit that a lawyer representing the immigrants could have raised in a motion to suppress in a criminal trial, at least.

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Decisions of Board of Immigration Appeals on FGM at Just News Blog about the refusal to grant asylum for three Guinean women.

Tucson School Superintendent gunning to abolish successful ethnic studies program at Latina Lista.

According to a tip from Mann Eegee at Latino Politico, Horne will announce why he thinks the Tucson School District’s Ethnic Studies program, which include African American studies, Native American studies, Mexican American/Raza studies and Pan Asian studies, should be abolished.

Latino Politico asks for your support to keep the above program in ACTION ALERT: Support TUSD Ethnic Studies. Also read Giffords Takes Aim at E-Verify System and Update on Valedictorian’s Status.

Tommy Lee Jones puts the “Border Fence” into perspective at Mexico Trucker.

The border wall has gained a new, and very visible opponent. Interviewed by 02138, the magazine about all things Harvard, alumnus Tommy Lee Jones minced no words when asked about his thoughts on the barrier.

Issues You Won’t Hear about During the Campaign: The Pentagon’s Lust for Young Latino Bodies at Of América.

Watch the CNN newscast detailing racist emails from the Secret Service in Racial derogaroty emails on Secret service??? at Pro Inmigrant. Also watch xenophobic attacks against illegal immigrants in South Africa.

At The Latin Americanist read Daily Headlines: June 11, 2008, Prosecutors seek jail for attack on Ecuadorian and Venezuela: Chavez to rework intelligence proposal.


1 thought on “Children Facing Deportation: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere”

  1. if illegals do not want to be deported then”DON’T COME HERE WITH YOUR FAMILIES’! don’t come here. we dont want to separate families so ice should deport the whole family i am sick of these sob stories . my government has to do something about illegal immigration no amnesty no dream act no more anchoring. put up the wall mr president!

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