Rep. Daryl Metcalfe Wants To Punish Compassion

In the following story we learn of Metcalfe’s plan to punish communities who don’t feel that undocumented migrants are evil criminals. If your Pennsylvania town has a heart then Metcalfe wants to hold all emergency funds and states assistance from you. Fight compassion with intolerance. It’s the classic good versus evil struggle.

Pennsylvania legislator’s bill would bar help for illegal immigrants – Public
By RICHARD FELLINGER Public Opinion Harrisburg Bureau

Lawmakers who have been fighting against illegal immigration unveiled two bills Wednesday to discourage local ordinances or policies deemed friendly to illegal immigrants.

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler, sponsored the bills that would level financial and legal penalties against municipalities that adopt “sanctuary” laws.

Metcalfe said he wants to put those governments on notice that “we’re going to be coming after them.”

Like some evil villian form a Hollywood set Metcalfe says “we’re coming after you.” Great Daryl – what a nice guy. Why spend your energy finding real solutions when you can recite the theme to Cops.

Thankfully Metcalfe isn’t the King of PA and others don’t feel the same way he does on this issue.

A spokesman for Gov. Ed Rendell questioned the need for Metcalfe’s plan.

“We don’t see this as a widespread problem at this point and aren’t sure legislation is required at this time,” spokesman Chuck Ardo said.

Daryle’s humanitarian plan seeks to strip all funds from any town that doesn’t buy into his hateful rhetoric.

Local governments deemed as sanctuaries would have any state funding, excluding funding associated with the courts or emergency services, held in escrow until the rule is repealed. The local government also could be held liable for any injuries or damages involving a crime committed by an illegal immigrant.

Using the same logic fed to us by Bush about WMD’s in Iraq Rep. Dan Moul says he supports Metcalfe’s plan.

Moul said he backs the effort because illegal immigrants are increasingly draining public resources, such as health benefits for the uninsured.

Thankfully, at least, Moul thinks we need immigrants.

“There is a need for immigrants here, but they have to do it legally,” Moul said.

But how will they came here legally Moul? What are you doing to ensure there is a legal path to residency and citizenship? I’m sure nothing at all.

We get the good news towards the end of the article via a quote from Councilwoman Toni Smith of York. She is working on ways to help these families and feels Metcalfe’s plan is uncalled for.

Thanks Toni! I’m glad to see someone in the state whose motto is “Virtue, Liberty, Independence” actually standing up for these things.


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