Big Victory in War Over Illegal Alien Chaos – O’Reilly

The title of this article shows hos sensationalism is used in the immigration debate. What chaos is O’Reilly talking about. The chaos caused by going to work everyday or just the image of chaos he want to conjure so fear will drive you to lose your humanity?

Big Victory in War Over Illegal Alien Chaos – Fox News

Well, it took six years, but under heavy pressure from you, Americans who want secure borders, President Bush finally ordered 6,000 Guard to the border.

This ‘keep them out’ attitude just continues the idea that we’re not responsible for helping our fellow man. As our government makes deals that make it desirable for our companies to move to Mexico and exploit workers there we have people like O’Reilly asking that we build a human gate around our border with that nation. I can absolutely guarantee you that it will not work. Maybe less will come, but they will still come.

You can put up walls and make laws, but that does not take away a need or desire. Those things will always create an ingenuity that often times leads to success.

It’s great that O’Reilly is excited about the troops on the border, but why can’t we be excited about real victories where we help those people risking their lives? To risk your life for a purpose obviously indicates extreme desire.


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