Camila Hornung Deported: Pro-Migrant SanctuarySphere

Update: Camila Hornung and Family Deported? at A Dream Deferred. According to the article (with video) included in this post Camila was sent back to Peru yesterday after having been in the United States for 14 years.

From Standing FIRM we have Lou Dobbs for Governor!. Check out this post and the website American Voice has created for him. There’s a contest to come up with his slogan.

Watch Children Choosing Not What Game to Play But If to Go Into Foster Care at Vivir Latino.

An entire generation of children of immigrants, mostly Latino children, are being forced to make a decision if they should go to a country they no nothing of or enter a system that has proven itself a dangerous track for children, the foster care children.

Changing Our Tone at Immigration Equality.

The message we send about immigration needs to convey optimism and highlight these truths: Americans are not frustrated by immigration, and neither are they anti-immigrant. – I invite you to help turn the tone of the immigration conversation in a positive and optimistic direction by combating the myths about immigration in every forum.

Read the Open Letter to Citizen Tom Horne at Latino Politico. An excerpt:

You and other nativist politicians are working to enact cultural genocide in a country that has a rich and diverse history that is whitewashed in history books. The ethnic studies department at TUSD is an attempt to engage students in critical thinking by expanding their understanding of that incomplete history by studying, celebrating and engaging various cultures that are in our society – some of which are indigenous to this area.

Watch Matt Smith’s Newest Video at Smart Borders.

McCain Flip-Flops on Immigration at DMI Blog. Also New York Sports Stadiums: Fields of Dreams or Schemes?. This isn’t an article about immigration, but this is one thing that really upsets me. The Yankee’s are seen as heroes (for doing what I don’t know) while they confiscate park lands that many fought for. While New York fails to keep most of it’s parks nice for residents it certainly has no problem making sure the Yankees and Mets have nice parks to play in. So important.

At Dream Act TexasElvira Arellano on BO. Elvira sees hope in Obama’s nomination and Donajih encourages us to support him. I know there are a few film maker here so check out Cinemocracy and have your video shown at the 2008 National Democratic Convention. Also don’t forget to Sign the Petition for CIR in 2009 and check out the article DREAM Act Forecast Immigration Reform.

At Greg Siskind’s Blog read Has The Fever Broken? Historically, immigration has ranked relatively low on the list of priorities for the average American.

Most people are generally pro-immigration (though relatively passive in showing it), but ever couple of decades, passions get stirred up and the antis gain in influence. And then things subside and the country returns to the healthy dominant pro-immigration normalcy that has contributed to America’s amazing economic success.

The Social Security Administration No-Match Program: Inefficient, Ineffective, and Costly at Immigration Prof Blog. Also read National Guard Ends Mission Along U.S./Mexico Border Continuing with The differences between Obama and McCain on Immigration

Immigration Prof Blog also gives us The Working Poor in Mexico.

In Mexico, the promise of more jobs withered shortly after NAFTA went into effect, when it became clear that displacement outpaced job generation. Now, its twin promise—that globalization would create better jobs and improve standards of living—has finally committed public suicide as well.

Also read Obama promises immigration reform in the first year in office and Latinos Workers return to the fields.

Secure Borders? Try Fenced In at Just News.

Guest Voz: Sen. Bob Menendez announces legislation to prevent government detention of legal citizens caught in immigration sweeps at Latina Lista.

One of the sponsors of the bill, New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez said, “We cannot forget that everyone who immigrates to this country, whether they are documented or not, is a human being.

Lou Dobbs for Governor: Because Nothing Says “Welcome to the Garden State” Like “Show Me Your Papers Amigo!” at Mexico Trucker. Also read Navarrette: Dobbs, Limbaugh feed hatred of Latinos and Debunking the mythical NAFTA Superhighway.

Obama and McCain on Immigration: Life vs. Death at Of América.

A simple yet needed post at People MigratePrayer for Migrants.

Watch Secret Prison Camps in America at Pro Inmigrant and After the acts of September 11, 2001. Seems that The Terrorist were and are just Hispanics, Latinos


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